Croatia deserve all the respect - Oh My Goal

Watch – Croatia deserve all the respect – Oh My Goal

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 1998’s video summary and description

They may have lost the World Cup final, but they won our heart ?? Croatia deserve all the respect !

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This FIFA World Cup 1998’s video is titled Croatia deserve all the respect – Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:04:21, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. So happy that Croatia lost. Thanks France to win World Cup bravo I am glad they won good job Pogba

  2. Love you Luka??future time again winner Olympians once more once more??so lovely craotia Luka modríç?????is on fire your kick is in lovely sweet in my ??????????1000000year live Luka life very lovely????????????

  3. I’ve been a fan and loved Croatia but I now love them even more because of what they had to go through as a child

  4. In Katar 2022 we will show our new generation of players.
    New warriors are ready to make us all proud again!
    Iznad svih ??

  5. Croatia deserved to win. Croatia was in finals for first time.
    (This is a late coment by the way)
    Im from Croatia.
    Thanks for all respect here in coments.

  6. I can't describe how proud i am as croatian to see these popular videos and beautiful comments!!!

  7. I love Croatia, my home???? Volim vas sve koji ste navijali za nju – I love all people that were rooting for it

  8. We deserved to win!!! It would be our first time!! Just why France… Just why… You already won…

  9. "Croatia suffered a lot during the war so they started dreaming about winning the world cup"
    Dumbest line ever

  10. I think this time too Croatia will play in the final and even win, I am a Bangladeshi and I love Croatia very much

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