Ivan Perisic Goal – Croatia v England – MATCH 62

Watch – Ivan Perisic Goal – Croatia v England – MATCH 62

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This FIFA World Cup 2018’s video is titled Ivan Perisic Goal – Croatia v England – MATCH 62 and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is 00:00:28, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. So their RB should have been banned and another player had been given 2 yellows cards before but they’ll still play in the final. Well done

  2. oh yes, croatia is the winner. they're an awesome team and together they are very strong??

  3. No goal. Dangerous play. If Croatia win the world cup, then really the honour goes to England.

  4. Independent croatian state was founded by nazis in ww2 its the first time it came to existence, all sources of a medieval croatia come from pro-ustashe historians during yugoslavia. croatia is a formation of ex-serbian population with a fake and stolen culture started by the vatican with help of austria-hungary empire to go against the Serbs who were orthodox majority and some muslim serbs within the austria-hungary empire. The same facsist and nazi ideology the ustashe was used in 90's war to do the same work hitler had started by genociding the serbs and making death camps for children with most likely over 1 million casualties in ww2 and doing simillar thing in 90's.

  5. I think this goal should be on every landbrokes and William hill screen for the rest of the year.

  6. If this were the other way around (ie. England score this against the Croats), the referee would have blown for a free kick, 100% This referee has an agenda, which is aligned with FIFA's own biased agenda, which fervently dislikes the England Football Association and the EPL.

  7. No complaints about England’s WC performance. Didn’t expect anything and then we come 4th. Fantastic. But technically this goal should of been disallowed for dangerous play. Perisic’s foot was too high and too close to the England players head. Time and time again when this happens elsewhere on the pitch a foul is given but the officials in this instance messed up.

  8. Some say dangerous boot to the head, I cannot disagree with that but its a judgment call thats why the game isn't reffed by bots

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