Harry KANE Goal – Colombia v England  – MATCH 56

Watch – Harry KANE Goal – Colombia v England – MATCH 56

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This FIFA World Cup 2018’s video is titled Harry KANE Goal – Colombia v England – MATCH 56 and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is 00:00:24, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Look at all the premium grade Colombian salt in this comments section.
    Your team represented your nation disgracefully, tonight.
    Yes we've scored lots of penalties, but unprofessional teams just keep giving them to us!

  2. Colombia players were literally here to fight only with england players. They deserved red cards!

  3. Respect to England. They played great despite of getting hit multiple times by colombian players.

  4. Me siento orgullosa de ser Colombiana.
    Por lo menos mi selección hizo gol y no por penal que no había, y sin tener al arbitro de su lado.

  5. ?? On our wayyyy ?? All the wayyyyy ??
    ?? To moscowwww ?? We're on our wayyy ??
    ?? How we get there I don't know ??
    ?? How we get there I don't care ??
    ?? All i know is England's on their wayyyy ??

  6. Some people are mocking Kane because he's now scored 3 penalties out of his 6 goals (4 penalties, if you include the one in the penalty shoot-out). All the penalties England have won have been legitimate penalties. It's not England's fault that the oppositions aren't careful but keep conceding penalties against them. Penalty-taking is part of football and requires footballing skill (shooting ability), precision (accuracy), good judgement, mental strength and composure under pressure. Also consider the fact that goalkeepers almost always step way off their line, even though it theoretically isn't permitted. This makes it even more difficult for a penalty-taker to score a penalty; and the penalty-taker can't move the ball closer to goal to try to score. The two best players, Ronaldo and Messi, each had 1 penalty saved at this World Cup. So far, Kane has scored all of his, which is impressive. He's also proving to be a top striker, having scored 31, 28, 35 and 41 goals in his last 4 seasons. He's much more than just penalties.

  7. People saying Referee 1 – 1 Colombia, so deluded. You fuckers are lucky Barrios didn't get sent off, every corner you were holding. Every decision you were complaining then trying to wind the England players up and get them sent off, and it that case that is cheating. Forgot the Assistant manager shoving Sterling too, teams just have a chip on their shoulder against England and they deserve everything they get because of it, All south american teams are dirty cheating bastards, ITS COMING HOME.


  9. I just love how Harry Kane tucks his arms in and does a little fun run before powering towards the ball to take penalties, this behaviour shows how relaxed and in control he is.

  10. La narcofifa le robó el partido a colombia,colombia pudo ser el campeón del mundo de no ser por la fifa,el árbitro pitó un penalti que no era penalti y el gol de Carlos bacca no lo valió,en pocas palabras la fifa es lo peor

  11. Cheating bastards. How much did they pay FIFA for that penalty. A question that'll be always on my mind.

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