Edinson CAVANI Goal 2  - Uruguay v Portugal - MATCH 49

Watch – Edinson CAVANI Goal 2 – Uruguay v Portugal – MATCH 49

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Edinson Cavani’s goal fro Uruguay against Portugal. Find out where to watch live: fifa.tv/watch2018 Match highlights: …

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This FIFA World Cup 2018’s video is titled Edinson CAVANI Goal 2 – Uruguay v Portugal – MATCH 49 and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is 00:00:31, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Que este gol no esté en el top 10 de goles del mundial solo la FIFA no lo pondría… como siempre opacando a los paises que mas tradicion tienen menos a brasil su niño mimado

  2. Este gol debió haber peleado el primer puesto como mejor gol del mundial, no entiendo goles como el de Quintero estaba en el top 10 y el de Cavani no. Este gol fue un Homenaje poetico al fútbol.

  3. this overhyping of superstars should really come to end.Just look at these goals,Absolute beauty.but god forbid if it was ronaldo or messi scoring a tap in the fanboys would start a war over GOAT bullshit.they are great players but no where near GOAT.the fact that they have 0 goals combined in a knockout round in world cup is enough to show this.they are beast with club but not half as good with national team.

  4. The commentator said "fell kindly for Nández" but actually who receives the ball is Bentancur. And Bentancur never tried to pass the ball to Cavani. He admitted after the game that he didn't see Cavani. He was trying to assist Suárez.

  5. In my opinion this is the best gol in the entire world cup. Its just his technique and the Perfect timing…Nothing had been more Beautiful to me ever.

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