Antoine GRIEZMANN Goal – Uruguay v France – MATCH 57

Watch – Antoine GRIEZMANN Goal – Uruguay v France – MATCH 57

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This FIFA World Cup 2018’s video is titled Antoine GRIEZMANN Goal – Uruguay v France – MATCH 57 and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is , enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. The greatest thing is that most players from each side know eac other or they are best best friends . most of them are team mates in european teams.

  2. In Uruguay we accept our defeat with FairPlay and without excuses because France deserves our recognizion because the players and the supporters were all great and respected us like real gentlemen…
    As an example to understand what I'm saying look how different the french people beheivoured with us than for example Colombians when they defeated us in WC2014: Booing our Anthem from the start(we are only 3millions so we are used to be minority in the Stadiums)
    Shouting all the time: "Ole Afuera de la Copa(Out of the Cup)"…and not saying a word about the fact that Suarez wasn't playing that match against them…
    The french on the other hand listened in silence both Anthems and clapped them,in the Goal they shouted: "Allez Le France"(always in favour of their team…never against the opponent or happy for the tragedy of others)…Griezman did not even shout his goal in respect to Muslera's mistake…and after the match the coach and players mentioned that Uruguay had their respect and that it has to be said that Cavani wasn't in the game(that of course it's not an excuse,maybe France would've beaten us anyway,maybe not…but it's fair to say that it would had been a different and Harder match for them,so it's a fairly recognition)…and Finally after the match ended we saw some french players conforteing JoseMa Gimenez(he was crying because he saw it comeing the end before,…the French Team played so well that after going 2goals behind there was no way to revert the score with the time left…but even in tears he kept playing and fighting like a warrior to the end so we are proud of him too, don't worry for him or the kid in the grades who is learning that sometimes you loose…that's how life is)?To All France you deserve it and won this WC from begining to end…
    Congratulations from Uruguay(at least we'd lost only against the Best)

  3. A. Griezmann have an Uruguayan friend whom always help him always and there for Griezmann in his hard times, he have love for uruguay. that's why he didn't celebrated his goal against uruaguay.. what a compasonate and humble professional forward.

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