Diego COSTA Goal - IR Iran v Spain - MATCH 20

Watch – Diego COSTA Goal – IR Iran v Spain – MATCH 20

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This FIFA World Cup 2018’s video is titled Diego COSTA Goal – IR Iran v Spain – MATCH 20 and credited to FIFA. Viewing time is 00:00:27, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Iran played 11-0-0 and completely parked the train. There is no praise for defensive football

  2. Nice defending by Iran, they actually play very good.Iran also have their Goal moments

  3. THIS… IS… ESPAÑA!! Iran was like Spartants in the thermopilas… 300…defenses hahaha

  4. Lmao stop crying. Spain played 10 times better the whole game. Iran defended all the time and created 2 chances in 90 minutes ??

  5. Iran played very well as they wanted to play this way on the first half ,, the goal was so lucky no doubt,,, after goal iran played better and they created good scoring chances,, good luck iran vs Portugal

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