Porto’s 2004 UEFA Champions League glory

Watch – Porto’s 2004 UEFA Champions League glory

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

See how José Mourinho led Porto to a 3-0 win against Monaco in the 2004 final. Subscribe: …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Porto’s 2004 UEFA Champions League glory and credited to UEFA. Viewing time is 00:01:21, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. So bad for Monaco?. They beat Real Madrid and Chelsea, both teams deserved their place in the final. But Porto was better during this game

  2. Boys and girls this might be last time you see champion league champion outside top 5 league in history or your lifetime

    This may happen again if a club gets bought it billionaire or goat like manger.
    Or Ajax actually keep there young talent

  3. Who is gonna belived now that Porto and Monaco were ucl finalist… And Jose made his team to lift the trophy… Unbelievable

  4. That year, the Champions League semifinalists were Chelsea (who was just at the beginning of their cycle, before the two Premiership titles), Deportivo La Coruna (who had won La Liga a few years earlier, but who wasn't one of the top contenders of the trophy), Porto and Monaco (representing two countries who don't exactly make it this far internationally as often as English or Spanish teams). It was amazing to see something like this, and it would be amazing to see it happening again.

  5. Jugoslavija-Holandija 1-6, 2000. God je radnja. Uzasne scene izivljavanja 11 Holandjana nad 11 Jugoslovena na poljani. Imas svega, scene uzasa, ?emera, jada, explicitnog sexa… Nije za svaciji zeludac, ja sam jednom gledao i nikad vise, i jos imam traume.
    Ima i drugi deo, Srbija i Crna Gora-Argentina 0-6, iz 2006. Jedan od retkih nastavaka, a da je strasan kao prvi deo.

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