UEFA Champions League draw scandal !!! unbelievable

Watch – UEFA Champions League draw scandal !!! unbelievable

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UEFA Champions League UCL DRAW Ian Rush Champions League draw scandal.

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA Champions League draw scandal !!! unbelievable and credited to Chems Eddine R E C. Viewing time is 00:00:08, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. El poder de papi Floren.. Ese premio era de Bale pero el maletín llegó a tiempo.. Si la fifa fue depurada por la fila de ratas corruptas que la dirigía que tan difícil es no pensar que hay ratas peores y más ambiciosas en la uefa? será que alguna temporada le tocará uno difícil al Madrid en grupos? Vizca Barça Carajo!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought it was nonsense at first but you can clearly see he takes the piece of paper out of the ball with his left hand and then emerges with a different paper which he shows in his right hand… Should have known something was up. Just look at the draws Madrid got last year.

  3. fuck real madrid fake team ..they bought all the champions league they won last year they were a joke meeting malmo shaktar in the group stage then a weak roma ,wolfsburg and city and won the final at the penalties WORST champion jn the history!

  4. Nada nuevo la verdad, por algo s e le conoce como el Real Trampas. Amañando sorteos desde tiempos inmemorables… Por que creeis que lleva 1 liga de las ultimas 8? POR QUE AHÍ NO SE PUEDE AMAÑAR NADA, bueno si los horarios de mierda que le tocan al barsa, y aun asi no pueden con ellos. A mamarla mandriles, y a ver si devolvéis los 18.5 millones que nos robasteis a todos los ciudadanos de españa.

  5. He puts down one half of the ball, then the other half with the other hand, in which he has the paper, so he takes the paper from the left hand to the right hand, and he shows the paper. The problem is that he does that under the table, so it can be suspicious, but is not. You can do the same movements and you'll see what he does is normal

  6. Wg mnie w ?adnym wypadku nie dosz?o tutaj do podmianki. Ian Rush otwieraj?c kulk? jedn? po?ow? trzyma? z prawej d?oni a drug? w lewej. Chc?c pozby? si? po?ówek najpierw wyrzuci? t? z prawej r?ki a w lewej mia? los jak i cz??? kulki. Musia? prze?o?y? los do prawej r?ki, ?eby wyrzuci? drug? po?ow?.

  7. no se si le ayudan o no pero si los cambia o al menos agarra otro diferente al que baja con su mano izquierda

  8. the controversial part had to be with madrids draw…
    that's why this raises the suspicion….
    real Madrid are favoured …..all people involved in draw are madrid based except theiry Henry….

  9. If UEFA is innocent,
    1. Stop using hand draw.
    2. Shake all the pots by some equipment and at least by two persons.
    3. Use a big spoon to get a ball.
    4. Hand that ball to the third person for opening in the clear space, not behind the podium.

    Let use in the 16 drawing, if not, FBI may visit you soon.

  10. I'm seriously disgusted by UEFA, especially with the draws. Fucking UEFAdrid, Daddy Perez has money so it's easier for them to get an easy group. I hope karma hits them, HARD.
    And yes, I'm a Barcelona fan and a group with Manchester City, Borussia Möndchengladbach and Celtic seems fair enough. I have nothing to complain about, but it's very very fishy when it comes to Real.

  11. I really have mixed opinions about this because there have been loads of scandals that fifa or UEFA haven't fixed like the Italy vs.South Korea,Argentina vs.Germany,Barca vs. Chelsea 2009,etc.So I'm not surprised that FIFA and UEFA haven't changed so idk?.Why can't people just play fair because if we don't do that our children will grow up not learning any better than some of them do right now.(sadly)

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