Mario Götze Game Winning Goal ? 2014 FIFA World CUP!

Watch – Mario Götze Game Winning Goal ? 2014 FIFA World CUP!

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Mario Götze Game Winning Goal FIFA WORLD CUP July 13th 2014.

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Mario Götze Game Winning Goal ? 2014 FIFA World CUP! and credited to MrAguero Z. Viewing time is 00:01:06, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. twice a chelsea player made a wc winning assist schurrle and fabregas (i know he didn't play for chelsea at the time but he does now)

  2. I love when people tell me that Germany were lucky. They fail to recognize that Argentina were the lucky ones. We basically gifted them a chance to make it 1-0. That being said, Howedes had a shot off the bar from a corner, so it could have been 1-1 if Higuain scored (I can't recall if Howedes struck first). Additionally, we dominated, Argentina were defending and countering, and contented to go to penalties.

    That being said, Gotze took it on the chest. It went a bit ahead of him too, and the way he threw himself back to direct the shot proved that it was not an easy chance. Not hating on Gotze here, but he messes up easy opportunities very easily. He likes the harder ones lol.

  3. Anyone who doesn't think that should've been and easy save, and was a simple goal keeper blunder is either a completely blinded Germany fan, or has never played futbol. That shot was right by the post, right within Romero's arm reach. How was that a spectacular goal? There was no curve on the shot, he just volleyed it past Romero's arm. For all the idiots in the comments section, Neymar could've done that in his sleep.

  4. Germany deserved this, even if people think that argentina played better in the final germany played better than any other side throughought the whole tournament.
    Only team germany would not have beaten in that final is Italy.
    FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!

  5. you schould think argentine has messi so why can they win this xD but i come from the netherlands i realy would have the final with Germany- Netherlands

  6. @CorzaGames This is not true. He said "go show the World you're better than Messi!" I am German and they said that so many times. There even is a movie about the World Cup called "Die Mannschaft" where Löw himself confirms it.

  7. For the people who thought Argentina deserved to win, they didn't. Guess why. They didn't score more goals than Germany! ?

  8. Superb pass from Schurrle and cool finish from Gotze .I am Nepalese and I love German team. I wish Germany would win all the world cup in future.

  9. I can feel that goal throughout my whole body every time I watch it , what an epic moment.

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