Gladiator Openinig ceremony U.E.F.A Champions League Final 2013

Watch – Gladiator Openinig ceremony U.E.F.A Champions League Final 2013

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund 25.05.2013 in Wembley was one of the best finals we’ve seen in many Years?

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled Gladiator Openinig ceremony U.E.F.A Champions League Final 2013 and credited to Yemi Edun. Viewing time is 00:10:00, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. What have the openinig ceremony to do with football !?
    Knights, Gladiators, Archers and Breitner and Ricken look like
    from Gulliver's Travels,… oh my god.
    This ceremony was incongruous and has nothing to do with football.

  2. … it seems that you don´t understand the relation about history and football, what a shame…

    The ceremony is emphasizing on a battle, taking parts of uk history and football.. was an incredible show!

  3. Thank you Yemi Great video…I was one of the Dortmund Shield Drummers… Thank you so much for sharing…I'm glad you enjoyed the show.
    Is there any chance of sending me a copy of it? x

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  5. you know that there is a missed oportunity. England has a great culture of really great re-enactors that could have bring so mutch more show to it. I know that because i'm in the little world myself and this is how we see it.
    look it up yourself what real re-enactment is like searchwords as 'sterckxhof' 'battle of tewkesberry' their come allot of englishpeople to it and looks really nice.

  6. Great ceremony and outstanding final!!!! A death match is expected for a UCL final!!! Thanks to Great Britain and Germany… Greetings from Colombia…..

  7. I prefer this opening to Lisbon 2014, This one is more dynamic..Lisbon tried to make it soft. But really the Champions league final it´s like war!!

  8. Hi Yemi:  great video.  I was one of the Bayern Archers.  We left the field promptly, as the flags were unfurled, so missed all of what was left on your video.  So great to see the whole show and not just my part.  Any chance of getting a video cd of this for memories sake.  Thanks. Robin (female)

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