BELGIUM's highlights 1-1 Croatia's goal | World Cup 2014 qualifying Group A | 2012/09/11

Watch – BELGIUM's highlights 1-1 Croatia's goal | World Cup 2014 qualifying Group A | 2012/09/11

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Belgium 1-1 Croatia | World Cup 2014 qualifying Group A | 2012/09/11 MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL …

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This FIFA World Cup 2014’s video is titled BELGIUM's highlights 1-1 Croatia's goal | World Cup 2014 qualifying Group A | 2012/09/11 and credited to Red Devils Cartel. Viewing time is 00:07:50, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Bye bye Croatia and thanks a lot Schotland's friends!!!! But i hope that Croatia will be to world cup, it's a good team with good spirit, i love this team. Belgium first team, we are better, and Croatia second

  2. We shall see after Belgrade…
    After that , you will have chance to prove yourselves that you are better then Croats , and then , all hopes we put on Scotland again 🙂

  3. what a bag of shit video. According to this Belgium had 99% of the play and ball which is utter crap. U cunts were very, very lucky to escape with a draw in this match.

    Except asmashing for red cunts tonight matey

  4. haha.. well i like your optimism.. we will see my friend.. my prediction is 2-0 to HRVATSKA.. a draw won't be a surprise.. but if you win, and that is a HUGE IF.. then u can shove it in my face.. but i doubt that very much my furry belgian friend

  5. For starters i'll choose my own friends :). Secondly how do you know if i am furry or not you never saw me in your life you funny clown. And third even if we lose tonight and honestly chances are like 50/50 and maybe slightly in our advantage , we're still going to finish the job against wales on tuesday. I do hope you qualify for the WC though in the barrage matches because you deserve it , croatia is a good team.

  6. Congratulations to your team…at least you have team….our played like they are playing on ice ground….

  7. So, where do I sign up to shove it in your face?

    Right here? Okay.


  8. U BIG DUMBPIG , u better talk nicely here or get OUT ! Am i clear enough ? if u can't play football correctly , resolve it but don't show your ugly talks here . Period

  9. Oy! No sadfaces!
    Go win your playoffs and qualify as well! (It would make us look even better winning this group :P)

  10. I'm sorry for Gillet for this WK2014 I hope for him he will improve his game for the next competition to come back in the team.

  11. Gillet est le héros de la Belgique c'est important de Marquer ce but
    Il a sauvé la Belgique pour aller au Brésil

  12. Sans Gillet, on perdait. Les Croates avaient verrouillé, ce n'est pas un hasard que ça s'est passé à la suite d'un corner. Comme contre le Brésil ou la France…

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