Testing the goal-line technology systems

Watch – Testing the goal-line technology systems

in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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Technology partners worked closely with the IFAB and FIFA to make sure that any GLT system would work in a variety of environments and situations. …

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This FIFA World Cup 2014’s video is titled Testing the goal-line technology systems and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is 00:05:46, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. they need to do what hockey does when the ball goes past the line a siren needs to go off indicating a goal

  2. that England goal in the world cup was a goal but it didn't really matter because Germany would then beat them 4-2

  3. no, nishu afobunor, if dat goal was aloud den it wud hav been 2-2 nd england wud hav gained momentom nd cud hav gon on nd wun d game.

  4. remember you cant say that because of momentum and affect the mental approach to the game, that goal would have given England momentum, but true it was against germany

  5. Too bad for FIFA to decide to have this technology on the ball until a first class selection as England suffered a loss by such errors of arbitrators, there is no doubt that if it had happened to a selection of lower level would not be doing this of technology

  6. you do understand that that means that every defender has a chip and the other players have other kinds to check on offsides and for corners IS IT SO HARD TO HAVE IT SO THE LINESMEN CALLS IT

  7. haha lights? ridiculous!

    how are lights modernizing?

    u know what a football/soccer field is suppose to look like?

    simple white goals and lines, and a beautiful green field. no cheezy lights.

  8. All you need is a web cam at top off goal pointing down at line and somone up there watching it and radio to the ref Yh or no

  9. Actually we don't need anything of this. Football should be like it was always – thenology would destroy it.

    And if we need it, then goal-line technology is by far, by really rally far, the most important. No one would argue about a not given goal less than about offside. I think goals are a lot more important than offside… by far

  10. NO WAY! OMG
    flashing lights etc, are you serious? Football is just perfect. Perfect! We don't want to make an entertainment sport like Wrestling out of it!!!

  11. FIFA like the game to flow, and thus no break due to "video review" like what happened in american football or hockey or tennis, and it's not foolproof because it can be blocked by players and not so visible.

  12. All the past talk from fifa about not wanting to 'break the flow' is nonsense. The flow already gets broken up far more by all the time wasting from players pretending to be injured, diving, rolling about, being slow to restart play, arguing with the ref and all the other things that break up a game.I actually think video replay like in rugby would be better and can be implemented right now. It would take less time to check a crucial decision than the time spent by players arguing it!

  13. I personally prefer they dont place this in all the football matches because that kinda takes the fun out of it and also its probably pretty expensive if you did that than you'll need to make a device attached to the football to warn the ref when theres a foul and a lot of different ones

  14. si se tiene que poner algun hardware detras de los palos como muestra el video ,me parece que es malo el sistema ya que podria pegar ahi y salir sin entrar del todo, y publiquen las cosas en español tambien!!!

  15. Many people say..finally..yes..but keep in mind it is wireless.
    What if I take a tablet or get a signal outside the stadium..do a man in the middle attack..guess what goal from my computer..my question is? Is the signal encrypted ? how many programmers know the algorithm…how classified it is….Before I say AWESOME..??..signal is very important the rest is easy..

  16. blablablabla. what are d results of test ? i want d accuracy , false positve & false negative statistical results ?

  17. I don't know why they don't just use a television match official like they have had in rugby for years. The decision would be so much easier in football, you just see if the ball has cross the line. There's no interpretation about it, it's either over or not.

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