(HQ) Robbie Keane Last Minute Goal Republic of Ireland v Germany 2002 World Cup

Watch – (HQ) Robbie Keane Last Minute Goal Republic of Ireland v Germany 2002 World Cup

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Robbie Keane’s Stoppage Time Goal (92nd minute) against Germany in the 2002 World Cup.

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled (HQ) Robbie Keane Last Minute Goal Republic of Ireland v Germany 2002 World Cup and credited to dinadangdong. Viewing time is 00:01:21, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I was at that game we would call the Japanese supporters Rent a Crowd I got talking to a German fan on the Train up to the game and even he was from Chicago.

  2. That was a great moment for Ireland… That's my favourite piece of John Motson commentary i was looking for it for ages. I watched a Top 20 Greatest Commentary moments of Motty and this wasnt even in it

  3. [John Motson] (Fade In) … for comfort for him in this second half.

    Forward it goes again …

    By Kinsella. Quinn heads on. Oh surely this time for Keane .…

    And Ireland do it …………..

    Robbie Keane ….

    In the second minute of stoppage time has scored the equalizer ….

    Look at these scenes.

    Just look at these scenes ….

    And you can't say they don't deserve it!

    This has been a spirited second half performance and it's brought its reward, in dramatic fashion!

    The long ball played in by Finnan …

    This is where the touch is important from Quinn.

    Robbie Keane, gets it down, evades the tackle, and this time, Trevor, he beats Oliver Kahn.

    [Trevor Brooking] What a header from Niall Quinn.

    Right into his stride.

    Chests it down. Oliver Kahn's unlucky here. He spreads himself. It comes off his head.

    But as you said, they've deserved it.

    Look at Mick McCarthy … there's … he's just watchin' …. And the mouth comes open.

    What a reaction that is …. and as you say …

    They've absolutely delighted everyone, in the stadium, (chuckle) apart from the Germans to our left …

    but they had deserved it and Robbie Keane.

    Let's hope he doesn't injure himself then, and he gets under a sea of green shirts.

    [John Motson] What a fantastic finish, here in Ibaraki (Japan).

  4. I am Japanese.
    It was a great memory to see this goal at the Kashima stadium.
    Irish was all cheerful and good guys.
    please come to Japan again??

  5. This was our best WC ever, we outplayed every team that year, could have won the WC that year.

  6. Unreal! I had a class chilled out chat with Robbie about that moment where he describes how it's his favorite memory in an Ireland jersey. Also talked about regrets with the Spain and France matches, as well as his love for Garth Brooks

  7. The only goal that Oliver Kahn allowed until the final match against Brazil.. what a goal and what a celebration!

  8. As a Korean, Robbie Keane's goal against Germany is one of the memorable goals I watched in that WC.. the other ones are Ahn's golden goal against Italy (though a lot of people say we cheated or blah blah) and Ronaldinho's free kick goal against England.. Ireland played really well in that WC.. I can say they had no losing game in that WC (I think they almost beat Spain too)

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