Nelinho: Famous goal was a shot, not a cross

Watch – Nelinho: Famous goal was a shot, not a cross

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The Brazil 2014 Magazine talks with Nelinho, a Brazilian great, who scored one of the most impressive goals in FIFA World Cup history in the 1978 Match for …

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This FIFA World Cup 2014’s video is titled Nelinho: Famous goal was a shot, not a cross and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is 00:04:03, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. lol it doesn't take more than 1 brain cell on active duty to see by the speed of the ball that it was a shot and not a cross

  2. What kind of idiot would think it was a cross? Talking about idiots, try to find one comment here from the brazilians without stupid grammatical errors.

  3. Do people really don't get a trivela, kicking with the outside of the foot kind of sending a curve ball?

    That's a considerably common kind of kick nowadays in Brazil, many people can use it, in some less or more efficient way, including many people that don't play professionally, those who play just for fun.

    Brazil really is a football center, we created the pedalada, elástico, trivela, gol de bicicleta and probably many others.
    Now that I'm thinking I see how impressive it is.

  4. 78 'is a shadow in the history of the toilet, a shame !! argentina STOLE the place in the final, how they tricked England in '86, that's why they've never won anything since 86, karma

  5. Éder Aleixo fazia algo semelhante com a esquerda, tem um gol em 82 na copa q é antológico tbm, e os dois jogaram juntos no hexa do cAmgalo.

  6. Can't believe that living Legend is just standing in that corner, casually owning a gym and talking about deeds that shook the planet

  7. Simplesmente o maior lateral direito que jogou em Minas Gerais. Foi campeão da libertadores de 1976 pelo MAIOR DE MINAS.

  8. It was not a crossing ball. It's a clear scoring tactic goal. It's a trivela goal. Neilinho is a genius as same as Pele, Romario, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Miller, Zidane, Maradona, Johan Crueff & President George WEAH

  9. Fifa sucks. I'll never watch a channel of a intituicion that censored a historycal movie because some seconds of a public cenes they think belong to them.
    Please, unblock the video of Nostalgia channel, stay with the money, that is all you care about.


  10. Hello Brazilian fans I grew up in London. A town called fulham . I saw this goal age 10years old still remember it. .dercieu scored a similar goal.

  11. O goleiro depois de levar o gol, olha para o lugar de onde saiu o chute … sem acreditar no efeito que a bola pegou.

  12. Felicidades a nelinho por su éxito como empresario. Buen tiro, pero… Dino Zoff, para ubicarse, toca su poste, es algo que ya no hacen los porteros hoy día, entonces, ahí pierde un tiempo, cuando reacciona, la bola, ya va angulándose.

  13. His right foot was a bomb. In my opinion, Nelinho and Leandro were the two best right-backs that I saw playing for the Brazilian team.

  14. Hello, I'm Brazilian … and just a note, the legend "DIDI" [Waldir Pereira] is the father of TRIVELA! Quaresma should thank you! lol

  15. He was clearly going for goal on that shot. Anyone that has played the game for a long time can see from the way he shaped his body and foot that he was going for goal.

  16. I have seen another interview with Nelinho, where he states that he used to practice that shot from the right wing in training. Isn’t that what is all about really? Practice things like this and it increases your chances of being able to do this in a game. Fantastic goal.

  17. 1978 had some of the best long distance goals – this one by Nelinho & 2 by Arie Hahns – unfortunately Zoff was the goal keeper in 2 of those goals.

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