UEFA Champions League Anthem (Lyrics)

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Official Anthem of the UEFA Champions League.

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA Champions League Anthem (Lyrics) and credited to zockerman3000. Viewing time is 00:03:10, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. since kid when i started watchin C.L. I thought it was some mambo jumbo they say.
    Like: hii solo dezay….hehehe. whatever

  2. Uefa champions league simply is an elite competiton i dont know who doesnt love it… just listen to the anthem its simply perfect!! We love football not fucking soccer!!! 😀

  3. Neyblaghdhheeddnewjcf

    Ive never known anyothe lyrics except "The champions"

  4. Noone cares about the Europa League (even Mourinho who won it with Porto admitted it) and you f***** up yesterday

  5. Gran himno ("Zadok…" de Händel)
    En inglés, francés, Alemán…
    ¡¿Pero dónde está el español, idioma de los 2 finalistas de la Liga de Campeones 2014?!
    – – –
    Great anthem (Händel's "Zadok…")
    In english, french, german…
    But where's spanish, language of the 2 finalist of the champions League 2014?!

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