(720p) Spain's Winning Goal Against Holland World Cup 2010! (Andres Iniesta)

Watch – (720p) Spain's Winning Goal Against Holland World Cup 2010! (Andres Iniesta)

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Andres Iniesta’s goal against Holland in the 2010 WORLD CUP! COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE. WELL DONE SPAIN WELL DONE!!!! Spain’s Winning …

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled (720p) Spain's Winning Goal Against Holland World Cup 2010! (Andres Iniesta) and credited to TheNewReleases. Viewing time is 00:01:39, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @xxx555xxx1 well thats a thing for think about, where no one can say nothing about the goal, thats a fail.

  2. @danigom74 its not when the dutch player touched the ball, its when fabregas passed it to iniesta…watch the replay…they even pause it for your convienence

  3. @Slayer123skater even so, it doesnt matter if torres passed it. it only matters where iniesta was when fabregas passed it…i dont know how there is even an argument


  5. @unspokenscene97 no, xavi is too influential for spain in the middle. fabregas should played instead of xabi alonso

  6. @allwhites088 YOUR BLIND! it doesnt matter if iniesta was in an offside position for torres' pass because it never reached a position close to him…the only pass that matters was the pass from fabregas

  7. Please thumb this up so the complaining stops.

    It DOESNT matter where Iniesta was when Torres crossed the ball because he did not receive the pass or interfere with the dutch defender that touched the ball.

    It only matters when Fabregas passes the ball to Iniesta, and he was ONSIDE when that happened

  8. @exeprime False – it doesnt matter how the dutch defender reacts to his presence, it only matters if he recieves possession of the ball or is about to. Wonder why the analysts never commented on it? stop using this as an excuse for another dutch disappointment

  9. The referee totally sucked donkey balls, not because that Spanish player stood offside, but some Dutch players deserved a dark red card, but they only got yellow, as a Dutch person, I apologise for that, and also for the ninja-kick some Dutch player made. But I must say that some Spanish players fell down o purpose to get a free kick, while they weren't even touched by a Dutch player, or only touched a very little. I hope some Spanish apologize for that, and thumb up if you agree with my comment

  10. The truth of it is, the initial cross was a bad one, which the defended should have cleared. Iniesta was allowed to be on his own in the dutch box which should never happen, then the same defender who cleared poorly stood up and rushed to the ball with 3 other orange shirts around it, instead of the man on his own in the penalty box, and the goalkeaper should have saved the shot. Spain deserved the win, but this goal was all about Holland defending poorly.

  11. @puerroputo De Jong certainly deserved a red card yes, but I've seen Nigel play alot, and its really unnatural for him that he did this on purpose. But still, its Red. van Bommel also probably. But if you think the second yellow of Heitinga was right than your blind. He barely touched him. Iniesta just dived, you cant denie that. And if you think that is a foul check up the foul Puyol made when he held Robben and then tried to kick him. That should have been red aswell..

  12. @puerroputo I'm not blaming the referee. You deserved to win. I am disgraced for some fouls we made. Im just saying you werent completely honoust and fair aswell (Iniesta, Puyol, Xavi). And im not saying the goal is offside, and im not saying we should have won. But by a few (bad) decisions of the referee he took our chance to have penalty's. And I congratulate you, but i just hate screams like 'THE DUTCH OUR FILTHY' or 'THE DUTCH ARE ALL BAD LOSERS.' Cause not all of us are..

  13. @DomiDein Ok. Maybe I was to broad. But most of the team played dirty. I didn't say Spain played fairly just said spain defended. Example because u need one: iniesta tripped by: oh I forget who. Iniesta comes back and pushes him. Now did I say that was clean of spain? No just that he defended himself. Que no se deje iniesta

  14. @gezor20 what rulebook is it?? the FIFA football rulebook. Law 11 OFFSIDE..crap i cant post the link, it goes error.

  15. @gezor20 let me know if you really want to read the Fifa rule book. and you can watch iniestas replay. I have the link to Fifa rulebook, youtube just wont allow to post any link.

  16. I think he knew it was offside when he looked at the flags man before he celabrated

  17. Years later there is still debating? Clearly not offside… Didn't you guys hear any commentaries afterwards? Every commentator and even FIFA approved it as a fair goal. No offside, he was onside like a meter or so lol…

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