Pre-game: Greece vs Argentina (22 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Greece vs Argentina (22 Jun 2010)Match Details
Greece-Argentina, Group B, Polokwane, Tuesday 22 June, 20.30 (local time)

Why Argentina would win?

They have the best player in the world in Lionel Messi, they have Higuain who just scored a hat trick and has the ability to score more goals. Argentina has played and attacked as a team and they are one well oiled machine right now.

Why Greece would win?

Greece confidence is high as they won their first FIFA World Cup game against Nigeria. They are looking to defend well and wait for their scoring chance. Hopefully they can get one from Argentina.

Key Takeaway

Argentina is favored to win this game and it would take destiny of gigantic proportions for Greece to win against Argentina.

Liveblogging for this game is found here — Liveblogging: Greece vs Argentina (22 Jun 2010)


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