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Pre-game: Portugal vs Brazil (25 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Portugal vs Brazil (25 Jun 2010)Match Details
Portugal-Brazil, Group G, Durban, Friday 25 June, 16.00 (local time)

Why Brazil would win?

Brazil runs the ball with Robinho, Silva, and Fabiano with great skill, smooth orchestration, solid execution, that deliver goal after goal.

Kaka is suspended for this game but the remaining players are more than enough to make a good run.

This team has a solid defense but their offense make their defense shine less as this team simply controls possession of the ball 3/4 of the time.

Brazil has proven their consistency and managed to win all their games in FIFA World Cup 2010.

This team is going to come out blazing.

Why Portugal would win?

Portugal is a determined team anchored on Cristiano Ronaldo who the best player in the world behind only to Argentine Lionel Messi.

They has scored a draw against Ivory Coast and doubts were cast on their ability to win especially when Ivory Coast main man, Didier Drogba was playing hurt.

With their backs against the wall vs Korea DPR, they scored 7 goals, the highest in this tournament and the highest in Portugal World Cup history. While Korea DPR is an inferior team, Brazil didn’t score half the goals Portugal did against them.

Key Takeaway

This is the most anticipated game of the group stage where two high profile, high caliber, winning teams meet.

Both these teams boast a number of the best players in the world and expect this match to be electrifying.

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Pre-game: Greece vs Argentina (22 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Greece vs Argentina (22 Jun 2010)Match Details
Greece-Argentina, Group B, Polokwane, Tuesday 22 June, 20.30 (local time)

Why Argentina would win?

They have the best player in the world in Lionel Messi, they have Higuain who just scored a hat trick and has the ability to score more goals. Argentina has played and attacked as a team and they are one well oiled machine right now.

Why Greece would win?

Greece confidence is high as they won their first FIFA World Cup game against Nigeria. They are looking to defend well and wait for their scoring chance. Hopefully they can get one from Argentina.

Key Takeaway

Argentina is favored to win this game and it would take destiny of gigantic proportions for Greece to win against Argentina.

Liveblogging for this game is found here — Liveblogging: Greece vs Argentina (22 Jun 2010)


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Match & Result: Argentina vs Nigeria (12 Jun 2010)

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Winner: Argentina
Score: Argentina(1) vs Nigeria(0)


This is a historic moment for Diego Maradona who once led Argentina to winning the FIFA World Cup on perhaps one of the greatest goals scored in FIFA World Cup history. Diego who was thrown out in disgrace in USA ’94 followed by a series of issues and problems, no one thought he would be back in the Finals leading the country once again (now as a coach).

When the game started, Lionel Messi showed why he is today’s greatest footballer by making a first run at Nigeria in just 40 seconds of the game. The first crack of a goal was with the Nigerian side however when Obasi shot wide after leaving Gutierrez behind.

Messi continued to be on the aggressive side during the first 5 minutes of the game which boosted his teammates to score the first goal on the 6th minute of the game where Gabriel Heinze shot a header off a corner right kick from Veron.

The remaining minutes of the first half saw Argentina and Nigeria exchanging possessions where the only real chance of another goal came in the 44th minute where Lionel Messi was just outside the left area box when he was sent to the floor. Veron’s free-kick was way over the mark. Could this be the complain of footballers on the new Adidas’ ball dynamics where it changes direction in midair?

After the half time Nigeria didn’t show any signs of concern for Argentina other than a number of substitutions that could provide surprises. Instead, Argentina surprised Nigeria on the 66th mark with a four on two breakaway but the pass given by Tevez did not arrive to Messi for a powerful kick but had to improvise shooting wide.

Nigeria showed some life on a Odemwingie possession in the box but shot above the goal.

On the 81st minute Nigerian goalkeeper Enyeama made the biggest save of the game when Messi had a clean shot to the goal.

From here on Argentina took time holding possession while Nigeria didn’t have a sense of urgency until the game ended.

Records Books:
Gabriel Heinze’s score on the 6th minute became the eight goal for Argentina within the first seven minutes of the game. Currently they are on third place behind only to Italy with 9 and Hungary with ten.

Veron became the second Argentine with most World Cup assists (5) against Diego’s (nine) dating back to 1966.

Lionel Messi made six goalscoring chances beating the previous record of four. There should be another record – the most number of unconverted goalscoring chance by a player.

Key Takeaway

Argentina showed a lot of aggressiveness throughout the game but they only made one goal against the less than impressive defensive formation of Nigeria. Argentina should be able to finish with a goal via Lionel Messi.

Nigeria on the other hand didn’t show enough aggressiveness and urgency in the game. For crying out loud, this is the World Cup.

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