Match & Result: Uruguay vs Korea Republic (26 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Uruguay vs Korea Republic (26 Jun 2010)Winner: Uruguay
Score: Uruguay(2) vs Korea Republic(1)

80′ Suarez (Uruguay)
68′ Chun Yong (Korea Republic)
8′ Suarez (Uruguay)


Uruguay just upped their standards by moving to the last 8 of the tournament powered by Suarez who had two goals. As the team have said time and again, this is their best Uruguay national theme ever and they are proving they can go to the next level.

Suarez opened the game with a goal just 8 minutes after match kicked-off.

Korea Republic refused to lose and Chun Yong got another goal in the 68th minute.

Uruguay and Korea Republic worked hard on offense and defense but Suarez was relentless getting another goal on the 80th minute which but all sealed the fate of Korea Republic.

Key Takeaway

This was a beautifully played match from both side and either one of them deserved to win but Uruguay had their best team in decades and they wouldn’t refuse not to go deeper into the tournament.

We are expecting more to come from this team.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: Uruguay vs Korea Republic (26 Jun 2010)


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