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What is he famous for?

He is an upcoming defensive midfielder star who is compared to Fernando Redondo. He is making news because powerhouse clubs like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are going after him.

Personality & likeness

He is calm and composed but his emotions explode on the field.

Playboy rating

[rate 3.0]

He is a young hottie and when teams like Real Madrid are going after him, girls follow. Despite being young he has the makings of an icon.

Coolness level

His youth, looks and potential raises his coolness level.

What do we obsess from him?

We want him to learn from Ronaldinho from FC Barcelona instead of David Beckham from Real.

Nickname: Gago (none much at the moment)

Birthdate: 10 Apr 1986
Height / Weight: 178 cm
Position: Defensive Midfield
Current Club: Boca Juniors

Clubs / Year / Goals

Boca Juniors / 1996–Present

National Team Argentina (To come…)


He is a young and prolific defensive midfield who first saw action on December 5, 2004 at the age of seventeen where their side won 1-0 against Quilmes.


Currently playing for Bocat Juniors, he is rumored to be headed for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. He prefer Real Madrid which could happen in Januray 2007.

Awards & Honours

Recopa Sudamericana 2006 (with Boca Juniors)
Recopa Sudamericana 2005 (with Boca Juniors)
Primera División Argentina Apertura 2005 (with Boca Juniors)
Copa Sudamericana 2005 (with Boca Juniors)
FIFA’s World Youth Championship 2005 (with the under-20 Argentina national football team)
Primera División Argentina 2006 Clausura (with Boca Juniors)

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  1. hola!! gago es hermosos lo amo! seria mi sueño conocerlo… y pdirle q me firme un autografo lastima q soy muy chik tngo 15 años!! ja we chau me voy byee! bss GAGO T KIEROOOO!! aguant el nº5 de bok!! fernando ruben gago t kiero sho!!. belu de moron

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