How Long before France Leaves the Past?

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Liliam Thuram

When will Raymond Domenech accept that the old boys’ time has arrived and he should let them go and think of the future of France on a long-term basis?

Liliam Thuram is a great defender and still plays well for Barcelona while Claude Makelele another great midfielder playing for Chelsea are valuable assets for France but they would not be likely to play in FIFA World Cup 2010 in Africa. Looking short-sighted, I don’t think they can even make it past Uefa Euro 2008.

Both of the players together with Zidane were’nt supposed to play for France in FIFA World Cup 2006 but Raymond persuaded them to put their gear on and help France regain it’s glory. They were successful as they reached the Finals only to be defeated by Italy in a penalty shootout. It was said that all three players are playing their last game in Germany but what I cannot understand is why Raymong keeps insisting for them to carry on a few more years.

Both players Thuram and Makelele are requested to play against Georgia and Italy for their first qualifying games for Euro 2008. Raymond, start looking and building confidence in your present team and stop pulling people who are too old to fit in the overall plan of France unless you don’t have a plan and would not entertain any.

Anyways, please let these warriors go back to their barracks, pack their things and spend the rest of their lifetime enjoying their earnings not getting bruised by younger players.

Source of Picture: ESPN.

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