World Cup Diary: Portugal

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Below is a diary of all games played by Portugal in FIFA World Cup 2006.

Last Updated: June 18, 2006

Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Angola
Scorer/s: Pauleta 4′
Budweiser Man of the Match: Luis Figo

This was not a convincing win for Portugal but a good start nevertheless for a team that had a disastrous opening in FIFA World Cup 2002 and Euro 2004 which they were not able to reverse. The goal came at the 4th minute from Pauleta to secure three points for the team. It was not a great performance but the points matter more.

After scoring the first goal Angola responded by playing hard making Portugal earn possession while the leader on the other hand protected their lone goal until the final minute. Portugal’s early aggresiveness subsided in the second half and relegating themselves into a defensive stance making sure they get the win.

Stud of the Game: One notable performance for this team came from Captain Luis Figo who seemed rejuvenated running and keeping pace with the younger guys. He was instrumental in making the first goal hit the net by knocking the ball one side of Jamba and ran the other side of his marker before sending a perfect pass across the box for Pauleta’s goal.

Dud of the Game: Christian Ronaldo fell short of expectations by playing individually and failing to make plays beneficial for the team. He was substituded

Honorable Mention: Ricardo’s save on the 89th minute was spectacular that could have tied the game on a shot from Mateus.

Game Players : Ricardo, Miguel, Ricardo Carvalho, Fernando Meira, Nuno Valente, Petit (Maniche, 71), Tiago (Hugo Viana, 82), Cristiano Ronaldo (Costinha, 59), Figo, Simão, Pauleta

Yellow Cards: Ronaldo (25), Nuno Valente (79)

Date Played: June 16, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Iran
Budweiser Man of the Match:

Preview: Iran is a very strong opponent who is exptected to clamp down on Luis Figo who has played like a young star. His legs kept pace with the younger players and fueling a play that saw Pauleta putting the goal behind the net.

This is definitely a very important game for Portugal and Scolari said that he is risking injured players Christiano Ronaldo and Deco to play against this team. Had they not scored that early goal it they should have not gotten three points. Scolari is aware of this and a lose could deny not the next stage which they had not reached for the last 40 years.

Portugal can win this one as long as Christian Ronaldo and Pauleta play well with Figo freeing himself up to set the leadership plays for this team.

Recap: Portugal needed Ronaldo and Deco if they are going to get past Iran and as expected Scolari sent them out on the field despite their injuries delivering the results for their country. Deco scored the first goal that increased the team’s aggresiveness and morale while Ronaldo provided the second goal and emotional intensity for the game. He got physically abused but managed to stay on the field shooting at the goal one after the other.

Figo’s leadership was solid throughout the game despite being clamped down by Iran and Ricardo showed his mettle on saving and altering shots of the opponent right inside the box.

Portugal can win this one as long as Christian Ronaldo and Pauleta play well with Figo freeing himself up to set the leadership plays for this team.

Stud of the Game: Deco came in at the second half to score from long range at the 63rd minute. By breaking the time in the second half the Portugal team elevated their aggresiveness and play while keeping Iran’s heart a notch lower.

Dud of the Game: There is no one to single out for this game as both teams played well. Portugal was just the better one for the night.

Honorable Mention: Christian Ronaldo was a far greater player than he was in the first game. He was aggresive and fired a shot at the goal a number of times. His emotions kept the team spirit afloat and sealed the victory in the 80th minute with a penalty. Likewise, Ricardo saved a crucial shot at the 78th minute when Vahid Hashemian nodded a shot towards the goal. Figo, the veteran was clamped down in the second game but he showed lots of guts and worked his way to provide leadership for the team. Figo, was instrumental in setting up the play for Deco’s goal in the second half.

Game Players : Alexandre Ricardo, Fernando Meira, Luis Miguel, Jorge Nuno Valente, Alberto Ricardo Carvalho, Francisco Costinha, Anderson Deco, Luis Figo, Nuno Maniche, Pedro Pauleta, Cristiano Ronaldo

Game Substitutes : A. Petit for Maniche (71′), C. Tiago for Deco (80′), Simão for L Figo (88′)

Yellow Cards: Pedo Pauleta (45′), Anderson Deco (48′), Francisco Costinha (61′)

Current Squad

Goalie: 1 Alexandre Ricardo, 12 Silva Quim, 22 Jorge Paulo Santos

Defense: 2 Renato Paulo Ferreira, 3 Marco Caneira, 4 Miguel Ricardo Costa, 5 Fernando Meira, 13 Luis Miguel, 14 Jorge Nuno Valente, 16 Alberto Ricardo Carvalho

Midfield: 6 Francisco Costinha, 7 Luis Figo, 8 Armando Petit, 10 Hugo Viana, 11 Sabrosa Simao,
17 Cristiano Ronaldo, 18 Nuno Maniche, 19 Cardoso Tiago, 20 Anderson Deco

Striker: 9 Pedro Pauleta, 15 Luis Boa Morte, 21 Miguel Nuno Gomes, 23 Helder Postiga

World Cup Gears at Sporati.

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