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David Beckham goal Vs greece. This goal took England to the world cup 2002.

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled David Beckham awesome goal and credited to ???? ????. Viewing time is 00:00:53, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. heeyyyyyyyyyy baby i wanna know.. if youll be my girl.
    we played this is marching band
    ncie becjkham goal his besti think

  2. Too bad the predominance of England fans don't speak up against the jealous writers, columists and old fogeys like george best and pele. Wether david had his hair in an afro or ponytails, he played HARD for england. I've watched every game and the guy left his heart out there for all of you and what do you do back… be fair weather fans… english fans I swear are the worst.. the guy never quit good or bad but you sure did

  3. great goal I remember it well only it's been tainted by that shit song now. Thanks for ruining a great memory arse hole lol

  4. i was watchin that game n i was thinkin, england are out, there shit and then he scored that, i almost passed out lol. just that free kick is y i like beckham lol

  5. it's not the fact that it was an amazing shot but what it did. it was in the dying minutes of a last-ditch world cup qualifier for england. the pressure must have been immense and the way he handled was amazing. that's what was so great about it.

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