Results (2nd Stage): England vs Ecuador

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David Beckham England

Beckham unloaded the shot on the 60th minute that gave him his first goal in three years for England and at the same time pushing his team to the quarter finals. Christian Mora dove for the ball a micro-second earlier as he was able to touch the ball before it forced it’s way in what seemed to have scratched the left pole before hitting the net.

The way England played the game; I saw no chance for Ecuador to win the match; thought it was a matter of time when someone from England could give them their winning goal, and true enough when David Beckham squared for the penalty kick I had a strong feeling it could go in — accomplished.

England played impressively which saw Ecuador finishing without having any decent attacking form throughout the game. John Terry led the defensive team of England that clamped down on every player once they approached a scoring range. The game saw Ecuador unleashing a number of shots towards the goal from a long distance position.

There was some interesting stuff I noticed in the game:

1. David Beckham – he looked sick throughout the duration of playtime; inhaling and exhaling heavily while spitting on the field. It could be of two reasons: 1. heat 2. Victoria working him out the night before, after all England does not have restrictions on this matter (you know what I mean).

2. Wayne Rooney – He was the lone striker that kept running and positioning himself for a decent shot. He was a joy to watch seeing him making that heroic move in the box.

3. John Terry – He was awesome throughout the game clamping down on Ecuador keeping them to make a decent attack to the goal. He was like a player in video games that easily defended the goal against attackers without getting tired throughout the match.

4. Frank Lampard – He was an eye sore wasting shot after shot. The last one came on the 72nd mark when Rooney set him up for a clear shot at the center box only to send the ball straight to the sky.

England used their midfield and backline strenght to the maximum destroying any attacking prowess by Ecuador that not even star striker Agustin Delgado could do anything.

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