Liveblog: Mexico vs Iran

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Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)

Mexico: 3 Iran: 1

Mexico wins 3-1.

90′ Match ends..

The Mexican side is so happy in the stadium. They can feel the big win…

Antonio 30 years and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil who is now a naturalized Mexican citizen…

Tequila, tequila…

Iran is dead…

79′ Boom… GoalAntonio Zinha’s bullet header on a pass from Mario Mendez is spectacular.

Omar, the 26 year old star of the Mexican league is definitely making a name for himself.

OMAR BRAVO – Second Goal…

Mexico’s constant aggresive attack paid off. Iran on the other hand have to face their lazy play in the second half.

75′ Boom… GoalMexico scored another goal.

71′Hand ball by Vahid Hashemian.

71′A free kick for Andrankik Teymourian.

65′Not much to celebrate right now other than seeing some brilliant passes from Rafel Marquez. Though all this has to be converted to a goal.

64′Manei Madanchi wins a free kick in his own half.

64′Manei Madanchi wins a free kick in his own half.

60′Andrankik Teymourian is charged with a foul.

58′At last Iran wins a free kick. They look like slowing the pace down probably for a killer attack later. Mexico on the other hand has been pushing the game.

54′Corner kick conceded by Rahman Rezael.

Javad is guilty of kicking the ball away

54′Javad Nekounam was just given a yellow card.

54′Corner kick (Mexico) conceded by Hossein Kabel.

52′Jose Francisco replaces Jared Borgetti because of hamstring problems. This is very bad and could cause their aggresive attack to change.

49′Mexico seems more aggresive. They are fighting to get the win

Second half begins…

45′Luis Perez (midfielder) replaces Gerardo Torrado

45′Antonio Naelson (midfielder) replaces Guillermo Franco

First half scorers: Omar Bravo (left) and Yahya Golmohammadi (right)

Yahya Golmohammadi Omar Bravo

Recap: As the first half ended both teams are almost even in most of the categories.

They both scored 1 goal, had no substitution and had 6 corner kicks.

Iran leads Mexico by 2 more free kicks having 25 and 2 more shots on goal of 4.

However Mexico has 7 shots compared to 6 of Iran.

All in all the game is pretty close.

45′The score is tied going into the 45 the minute.

36′ Boom… GoalYahya Golmohammad (IRN) scored a right foot shot from close range to the high center goal.

This is still a slow moving game with both teams having only 2 shots at the goal

34′Rahman Rezaei wins a free kick.

31′Mehdi Mahdavikia (IRN) wins a free kick…

The pressure is on the Iranian side right now.

28′ Boom… Goal Omar Bravo (Mexico) score a right foot shot goal from the lext side of the box. It hit the center of the net..

27′ Hand ball by Ali Karimi (IRN)

Foul by Andrankik Teymourian.

24′ Checkin In… Sorry for being late. I am now checking in the liveblog.

Liveblogging: The Mexico – Iran match is now Live. Boom…

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