World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group A

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For starters, Germany is one lucky team having drawn a group that have Costa Rica 21st, Poland 23rd, and Ecuador 37th in FIFA world rankings. These teams may be a good enough challengers but the home crowd is certainly giving the Germans enough morale and support to muscle their way easily against these three teams.

Our gut instincts — Germany

The Germans will be starting their World Cup bid against Costa Rica who doesn’t have enough firepower to edge its competitors.

Their next opponent will be Poland who may give them a bit of a challenge compared to Costa Rica but would not prove enough to get a win against them.

Ecuador having beaten both Paraguay and Uruguay in an extremely competitive South America Zone will be attacking with confidence having the fearless Fernando Suarez at their side. But it takes more than one man up against the entire nation and a team of muscle and might players.

Unless overconfidence eat this squad; they are most likely to triumph against their group rivals.

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