World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group D

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This seem to be a strange mix of teams vying to kick out into the next round. We have Mexico as the most experience team with 12 previous appearances, the jinx team in Portugal who have not made it past the first round in the last 40 years, the last ranking team on the tournament — Angola, and an unpredictable but highly dangerous Iran.

Our gut instincts—Mexico

Mexico will remain steady throughout the entire group match given their exposure and experience. They are like the perennial playoff contenders that make it year after year. They may not be able to sweep this round and at the same time may lose a game against Portugal on the virtue of a collapse or lucky upset but would be enough to accomplish their second round expectations.

Portugal is the closest nightmare Mexico has; but in the end, they will be the bridesmaid that has graced the newspapers for so many years now. Luiz Felipe Scolari their Brazilian coach is the only hope Portugal has in making it to the next round.

Angola holding the lowest ranking record in the tournament will not have enough luck to reach the next round. Likewise, Iran, one of the underdogs will rely on Mehdi Mahdavikia being one of key players who played for German club football.

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