World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group C

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One of the toughest groups in the tournament boasting of teams Argentina ranked 4th and Netherlands 3rd in FIFA world rankings together with defensive specialist Serbia and Montenegro and Ivory Coast who relies on talent and enthusiasm will provide one of the most exciting group competitions in the World Cup.

Our gut instincts—Serbia and Montenegro

Argentina and Netherlands belong to higher rankings compared to Serbia and Montenegro and Ivory Coast; but it’s the suffocating defense of the Serbs that will matter the most in this tightly contested group.

Serbia and Montenegro have demonstrated to the world their impenetrable defense having conceding to one goal in 10 matches. Their defense coupled by the solid play of their Goalie reminds us of Germany and their Oliver Khan led finals appearance. As long as they keep their rivals check they should come away with a goal or two in every match to advance to the next round.

Argentina and Netherlands are expected though to have a solid run to emerge from this group and with Ivory Coast waiting in the wings for a possible upset.

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