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Results (3rd): Germany 3 vs Portugal 1

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Germany World Cup

The crying girl must be all smiles as hundreds of thousands of Germans gathered to watch their 3rd place game against Portugal as if it was a finals game. Germany did not disappoint them anymore with an entertaining win in the score of 3 – 1 in favor of the host nation.

Hours before the celebration multitudes of people gathered in bars, restaurants, pubs, big screen designated places, etc. and even thousands gathered in front of the team’s hotel room to show them they were behind them all the way.

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Lu-lu-lu-kass Winsss

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Lukas PodolskiI went for Lukas Podolksi to win the Best Young Player award with the way he electrified the crowd at Germany. True enough, the Best Young Player award is not based on popularity for which he will be a runaway winner given the games are played in his hometown; rather players who have impacted the course and performance of their team throughout the tournament.

If you do not know how old Lukas is, you would have guessed wrong adding more years to his current age. His maturity is way beyond his age which can be seen on how he reacts on tackles, drawing fouls, positioning himself on the field; on the other hand you will have a feeling he is a kid with all his energy running back and forth without showing fatigue or slowness of age.

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Vote for the Best Young Player

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Gillete Best Young Player

The race for the prestigous Gillete Best Young Player award is heating up with the list trimmed down to six players. The award aims to recognize the impact of young footballers in their first FIFA World Cup who rises above their young peers throughout the duration of the tournament.

Past winners include notables like Brazilian legend PELÉ, German icon Franz BECKENBAUER, greatest striker of Peru Teofilo CUBILLAS and England wunderkid Michael OWEN to name a few.

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Results (Semis): France 1 vs Portugal 0

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Germany Italy World Cup

Zidane’s goal is all that matters, another chapter to a decade of greatness.

Few of the greatest athletes in any sport could write a fairy tale story book ending as Zidane is presented with. Few if perhaps none of them came out of retirement to participate in the greatest sporting event in the world and show mastery and dominance across different generations. As such is the greatness of the best midfielder in the last decade and arguably one of the greatest that played the game.

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(Semis, halftime): France 1 – Portugal 0

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France Portgual World CupZidane Is Done! They said his career was over. They said he’s too old to play at highest level. Zidane proved his doubters wrong by catapulting his team past Brazil all the way to the semi-finals.

And today against Portugal he scored the goal via a penalty kick off Carvalho taking down Henry on the 33rd minute. He is outplaying his fellow legend Zigo who looked to have suffered an injury but is now ok.
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Preview (Semis): France vs Portugal

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FIFA World Cup FranceFrance is confident they can get to the finals with Zizou playing his usual game and his usual game happens to be an enormous defensive problem for opposing teams.

Zidane’s last game against Brazil proved his age together with Patrick Vieira is an unstoppable combination that brings experiences, composure and leadership to the team. Zidane’s brilliance in the midfield will create a lot of scoring opportunities for them which they hope could be utilized heavily by one of the deadliest strikers in the world — Thierry Henry.

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Results (Semis): Germany vs Italy

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Germany Italy World CupGerman players made her believe they could reach the finals; but Italy wanted her to cry.

Germany – Italy game was supercharged, where both teams were holding on to their dream fighting for each posession and looking for the golden goal that could carry them to the finals. They played their hearts out as if it was the last game in the tournament with the host nation’s crowd relentlessly staying with their team throughout 119 minutes of grueling gametime; until one minute left before Germany could make history, the dagger struck which silenced the entire stadium. Tears started to flow…

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Preview (Semis): Germany vs Italy

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FIFA World Cup GermanyHistory heavily favors Germany however, Italian history against Germany favors them. Germany are 13 of 14 in Dortmund stadium with an impressive 59 – 7 goal difference. Italy is feeling the pressure playing against the host nation who will be going in multitudes shouting and cheering like barbarians raising the hearts of their country to unmatched proportions.

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I’m still bleeding for Brazil

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Brazil FIFA World Cup

Newspapers, friends, websites, etc. everyone talks about the unexpected defeat of Brazil. I feel the pain, my heart continous to bleed for seeing them exit at the quarterfinals and the thought of watching four teams in the semi-finals without their green and yellow color is unbearable.

In the first half when Zidane clearly outplayed, outwitted the samba team, I could sense the butcher floating around waiting to crush Brazil straight to the ground.

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Results (Round of 8): England vs Portugal

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England Portugal World CupVery tough loss. The players could not do anything during Penalty Kicks as it could go either way.

Players and coaches are outspoken on how ugly and sickening it is to lose in penalties. I would agree that sometimes luck plays a major factor especially when you have top notch goalkeepers and top notch shooters on the field.

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