Carlos Tevez 'Magical Goal' Vs Mexico

Watch – Carlos Tevez 'Magical Goal' Vs Mexico

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Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2010’s video summary and description

A wonder strike from Tevez, his second of the game in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In HD.

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Carlos Tevez 'Magical Goal' Vs Mexico and credited to MagicalGoals. Viewing time is 00:00:12, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @AlGhaffar nah its funny every one was sayin city to win bpl and cl but there looking at a 10th place finish and a 1st round kock out of the cl

  2. @relaxxson They'll scrap shit together. They got the cash, man. But winning the leauge in England is never guranteed. No matter how much one invests.

  3. tevez sucks.. good football player with excellence skills, but bad attitude and very demanding for money.. greedy …better go back to your home land

  4. the last 4 seconds of this video needs the 'hurrrrahuhurrrrrahurrrrahuhrrrrrrrahuhra' tune over it lol! Tevez looks dodgy as.

  5. tan8268 Tevez has the best attitude on the pitch where it matters. If he was so greedy he wouldn't have been trying to get out of City for past year! Respected in BRAZIL: First Non-Brazilian in 35 years to be named Footballer of the year in Brazilian PL 2005!. Saves West Ham 2008 almost singlehandedly from relegation. So damaging were Tevez's goals for West Ham that Sheffield United sued WH about this and got huge compensation! Tevez has done things like these that few other players ever could.

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