Part 17/41: "A LIFE FOR A GOAL" -- The ultimate RONALDO MOVIE ! ! ! [HD]

Watch – Part 17/41: "A LIFE FOR A GOAL" — The ultimate RONALDO MOVIE ! ! ! [HD]

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The “A LIFE FOR A GOAL” videos are planed to be one BIG MOVIE (like a “cinema-film”). So the 41 videos are not like a daily-soap-series; it is an over(!) 6 hours …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Part 17/41: "A LIFE FOR A GOAL" — The ultimate RONALDO MOVIE ! ! ! [HD] and credited to Petenaldo. Viewing time is 00:09:46, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @Petenaldo Superbous and sensational move, it's incredible the referee didn`t mark the clear penalty.Good job, Petenaldo.

  2. Ronaldo's change of pace is one of the favorite Ronaldo Runs ever, great speed and technique at the most demanding time!!!
    the 98 finals was so sad the crash:'(

  3. at 8:50, Blatter saying to Ronaldo: "Don´t worry kiddo, you´re already a World Cup winner, this time you had the chance to play and you lost; next year you will be a World Cup winner playing as what you are, the BEST" 😉

  4. i cannot count how many beautiful, ON TARGET shots R9 had in this game (holland). you rarely see such out and out man-of-the-match performances nowadays. actually ive NEVER seen such a performance like it.

  5. @eabrahams26
    I added a link at the beginning + end of this video, which shows you the DOWNLOAD-LINK for Part 18 !!!

    Hope, this helps you…

  6. @ori20000
    1. Use a online-converter like "", which converts before download,? OR
    2. Use a converter-programm on your computer, OR
    3. In THIS video you find a Download-link for Part 18 – and this file is a ".wmv".file.
    When all parts are online on youtube, I will find a way to download it easily for everyone!!!

  7. @onigay786
    In the video-description of each part you can find a link, where you cann download all 39 parts for free – also the parts which are blocked by youtube!!!

  8. Ronaldo in that holland match has got to be the best performance of a footballer for his national team in the history of the world cup

  9. What happened to Ronaldo before the final? I've been asking myself this question since 1998, everytime when i remember it.

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