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Oliver Kahn Germany World CupHave you seen the look in the face of Oliver Kahn during the World Cup competition even after winning a game? Media has not stopped going after the controversy between Oliver, Klinsmann and Lehmann about Jurgen’s decision to bench Oliver in favor of Jens.

Why doesn’t the Media Stop?

That’s a very good question which may be traced from the following reasons:

1. Jurgen gave no convincing explanation to Oliver about his choice
2. Oliver publicly declared that he cannot accept Jens to be better than him
3. Oliver doesn’t show any sign of happiness on the bench

According to Oliver Jurgen only said that Lens was a tick better than him; he questioned the decision arguing how could you replace him with a tick better when he has all the experience, know-how, proven top performer and a long record of success as a goalkeeper?

Jens has this to say though: It cannot be easy to lose your place in the team like this, but the coach has made his choice and I have to make the most of my opportunity, I have fought for a long time to be in this position, the first-choice goal keeper for Germany in the World Cup on home soil. This is a dream for me and so far the dream is feeling very good. Personally, it was a big shock when I was told that I would be the first choice for Germany at this World Cup, you have to give Jurgen Klinsmann respect because he has decided to go his own way and make some brave decisions.

Jurgen has this to say: Kahn knows he has a big role to play in this squad and every round we progress through, he becomes more important, sure it’s tough for him to watch the game when he feels he should be starting, but he is being professional about the situation and I respect him for that. But Jens is my choice and he has been great for us so far.

I can’t imagine what a player like Oliver Kahn is feeling right now especially when the World Cup is played on your home soil. Nevertheless, I admire his respect for his coach and country by being there in case Germany needs him.

He is showing a lot of professionalism but definitely no love at all.

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