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Abramovich Puts Decent Money for Russia

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Russian billionaire is giving out $40 million for his country’s national football team which I doubt would go far enough to making his country a force to reckon in world competitions. Chelsea reached the top of the league through the money of Abramovich but we are talking about a huge amount. The money given to Russian football is just the price of a star player in Chelsea.

For political, social and patriot reasons, I salute Abramovich.

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Poll Results: Who’ll play in the Women’s World Championship Finals in Russia 2006?

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We run a poll on the finals of the FIFA U-2o Women’s World Championship. The question run was Who’ll play in the Women’s World Championship Finals in Russia 2006?

The choice of answers were: Brazil vs China, Brazil vs USA, Korea DPR vs China PR, Korea DPR vs USA

The Poll results are as follows:

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Now Brazil has More Excuses than Results

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Brazil FIFA World CupDunga remained true to his word that local players shall be given a chance for a slot on Brazil National Team which was traditionally reserved for European players by leaving out Ronaldinho, Adriano, Kaka and Ronaldo, Cafu and Emerson; the only players chosen from World Cup 2006 squad were Cicinho, Fred, Gilberto, Gilberto Silva, Juan, Lucio, Luisao and Robinho.

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US Girls Is not as Pathetic as their Boys

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Amy RodriguezThe US women’s division is a very strong unit expected to perform very well in the upcoming Women’s U-20 championships in Russia this coming August, hoping to bring some sanity to football reputation in their country whose Men’s division brought so much shame in the recent FIFA World Cup 2006.

The U.S. team is looked poised for a proud performance following their focused training for several months in California, series of friendly competitions against top squads, a total of around 50 games since January, and were the U-19 world champions in 2002.

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FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship

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FIFA U-20 Women's Championship Russia 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany has ended but not for these girls who are as impressive to watch as their male counterparts. The 2006 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship is taking place in Russia from August 17 to September 3, 2006 and matches will be held in four Moscow stadiums namely: Dinamo, Lokomotiv, Podmoskovie Sports Palace and Torpedo Stadion and one in St. Petersburg — Petrovskiy Stadion.

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FIFA Rankings & Team Manager Updates

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We shall give you monthly updates on team rankings by FIFA as well as keep track on managers of teams who made it to the world cup.

The big winners for team rankings include Italy (+11), Germany (+10), Argentina (+6) and England (+5) while the big losers were Mexico (-14) and USA (-11).

Below is the screenshot of the ranking I have prepared:

Part 1: Top 1 – 20

FIFA World Cup Rankings

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World Cup 06: Tunisia

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Tunisia In this series of posts we shall look at each country’s profile that will see action during the games. We continue with Tunisia (player profile). The full archive is found here.

Only winning one game against Mexico in the last 28 years does not speak well of this team. Being the first African country to win a finals has put them in the record books though. Below is their world cup record:

1978: (lost) Poland; (draw) Germany
1998: (lost) England, Columbia; (draw) Romania
1998: (lost) Russia, Japan; (draw) Belgium

Former French national coach Roger Lemerre has led the team to lift the trophy at the Rades stadium during the CAF African Cup of Nations in February 2004.

Their six wins, three draws and only one loss ensured them a place in World Cup Germany.

Their solid combination of players makes Tunisian fans hopeful about their chances.

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