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Speeding Ronaldo

Over at BBC a picture of Ronaldo in FIFA World Cup 2002 was posted showing his lean frame in what seemed to be in a speeding motion. Photographer Ross Kinnaird has this to say (see picture here): Football…Brazil…Ronaldo – it doesn’t get any better, especially if you’re a sports photographer covering the World Cup finals.… Keep Reading

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Brazilian Feast

Is there going to be a repeat of this in a month’s time? The sight of my favorite team winning is tremendous. Four years ago I was going crazy over Ronaldo’s performance but when Ronaldinho made that free kick I knew four years after he is going to lead Brazil. The kid has grown into… Keep Reading

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England Kicks Brazilians

Who Ate All the Bratwurst has posted about a site dedicated to telling us who are the boys that will beat Brazil. Guess what! It’s the England. Do you agree anyone is going to kick the Brazilians in this tournament? Of all the teams, England? In an excerpt: What if the FA tried to secretly… Keep Reading

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Be Kind to Babies

For a morale boosting media speech, Sven-Goran Eriksson told his young players Theo Walcott, Aaron Lennon and Stewart Downing they deserve to be on the plane and should remain relax. Well, for one that’s the best he could do to ensure his players come out with the best performance ever because he will be under… Keep Reading

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Who is Luckott? It’s a term I coined for Theo Walcott on playing for England and making the history books. Being chosen by Sven-Goran Eriksson is already a big winner for this kid let alone enter the history books and get past Wayne Rooney’s record of 17 years and 111 days when he appeared against… Keep Reading

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Michel Platini.jpg

It has been a blast so far and Michel Platini does not disappoint: Continued here: Michel Platini.jpg You can read more Michel Platini News here — Michel Platini – news and here — Michel Platini Get your Michel Platini gears, items, etc. at Michel Platini – Shopping. Michel Platini Shopping phpbayMichel Platini, 5, “”, “”/phpbay Keep Reading

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FIFA Confederations Cup 2005

It has been a blast so far and FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 does not disappoint: Read the original post: FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 You can read more FIFA Confederations Cup News here — FIFA Confederations Cup – news and here — FIFA Confederations Cup Get your FIFA Confederations Cup gears, items, etc. at FIFA Confederations… Keep Reading

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