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S. Africa video on: White Lies – South Africa

White Lies - South Africa August 2005 It's over thirty years since 'Jaws' popularised the image of the Great White as a vengeful man-eating monster. But the reality couldn't be further from the myth. The bloodied head of a Great White is yanked open to reveal a row of razor sharp teeth. When Henry Murray was attacked and eaten by a shark off the coast of South Africa, the monster myth resurfaced. There have been calls for selective culling and even a bounty on the head of this ancient predator. "The perception is the Jaws monster," states shark expert Linet Companier. But considering their ubiquitous presence in the ocean, attacks on people are rare. In 2004, there were seven fatalities from shark attacks. In the same year, 15 million sharks were killed. The biggest threat comes from lies spread by fear, ignorance or greed. Now a controversial fish farm in South Africa is endangering this great animal further. From: journeymanpictures Views: 194151 188 ratings Time: 22:58 More in News & Politics Keep Reading

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Germany video on: Fifa World Cup Germany 2006~ Dance MIXX

Fifa World Cup Germany 2006~ Dance MIXX i didn't make the song but the pictures are sort of... anyway comment and enjoii **Yes the rumors are true i am now taking request, but only if i have the song already, just message me **i do any genre From: BeautifulDarkAngel Views: 49434 40 ratings Time: 03:23 More in Entertainment Keep Reading

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