FIFA World Cup out of play (off topic)

Leave of Absence

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I am pretty much preparing for the SharePoint Conference 2006 in Bellevue, Washington. Having said that, I will take a leave of absence from this blog for now. When I am back in the Philippines on May 21 I will make up for everything in time for the World Cup this June. Stay tuned…

Soccerati Launched

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My Soccerati blog was launched by b5media last Thursday April 6.

When Milo Riano sent his application for a soccer blog in awhile ago, I was torn. You see, Alan Hyland is running another Soccer blog over at The Footie and we just can’t have more than one soccer blog! Well, that’s not completely true as soccer (ahem… football) is a huge sport that consumes the world in a competitiveness that dwarfs United Nations debates over Iraq.

Milo is somewhat of an expert in the field of player development, but also approaches the game from a world competition perspective. I really look forward to World Cup time.

Hope to see you there too!

Player Watch at Soccerati

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Good News to Everyone! I have a new soccer blog that is about to be launched over at Soccerati. I am proud to say that it is included in the b5media network. The soccerati blog would focus on the players themselves and act as a player watch that will follow their development and career.

With that said, the theme of my Fifa World Cup blog here at sporati will align to cover a higher level of the game. How it will shape will be decided upon in the coming week.

I hope you get to enjoy both of my blogs and see you at soccerati soon.

Hello world!

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Welcome to Fifa World Cup! This is the place where I can keep football close to my heart.

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