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World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group B

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The teams on this group are very much on the same level and each have the same chances of reaching the last 16 teams standing. England however may have a slight advantage coupled by the popularity of David Beckham. Sweden may be the silent assassin that could take any of these teams down until they realized they have moved to the next level.

Our gut instincts—Sweden

England may be everyone’s favorite but we on the other hand believe Sweden could take this through sound play, better preparation and deeper amount of focus and concentration being away from the media compared that to England. England’s recent woes on their coach could be a minor distraction that proves bigger at the level of the upcoming competition.

Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago will be very good competitors considering their incremental development from the tough teams they had to face going into the World Cup.

Unless England comes together as insisted by Beckham; this won’t be a far enough campaign for this squad.

World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group A

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For starters, Germany is one lucky team having drawn a group that have Costa Rica 21st, Poland 23rd, and Ecuador 37th in FIFA world rankings. These teams may be a good enough challengers but the home crowd is certainly giving the Germans enough morale and support to muscle their way easily against these three teams.

Our gut instincts — Germany

The Germans will be starting their World Cup bid against Costa Rica who doesn’t have enough firepower to edge its competitors.

Their next opponent will be Poland who may give them a bit of a challenge compared to Costa Rica but would not prove enough to get a win against them.

Ecuador having beaten both Paraguay and Uruguay in an extremely competitive South America Zone will be attacking with confidence having the fearless Fernando Suarez at their side. But it takes more than one man up against the entire nation and a team of muscle and might players.

Unless overconfidence eat this squad; they are most likely to triumph against their group rivals.

World Cup Team and Standings

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The World Cup grouping has already been finalized for quite sometime already.

But still, I thought of coming up with a picture that would show the killer draw for some, fair for others and wonderful for a selected few. The data is found below.

I have also put the current world rankings of each respective team having Brazil taking on center stage while Angola barely clinging on their hopes at number 62. England, Argentina, Czech Republic, France, Spain and the United States seem to be close behind.

World Cup 2006 Team and Standings

World Cup Team and Groupings

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World Cup 2006 is just six months away and teams and groupings have been determined set for the prestigous football competition in the world.

The team and groupings for the world cup are as follows.

Group A:Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador

Group B: England, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden

Group C: Argentina, Cote d’Ivoire, Serbia and MOntenegro, Netherlands

Group D: Mexico, Iran, Anglola, Portugal,

Group E: Italy, Ghana, USA, Czech Republic

Group F: Brazil, Croatia, Australia, Japan

Group G: France, Switzerland, Korea Republic, Togo

Group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia,Saudi Arabia

On the coming days, we shall dissect each team and predict who shall win the World cup.

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