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Franz Beckenbauer Believes United States Deserve to Host FIFA World Cup 2022

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German football legend Franz Beckenbauer believes that the United State deserves to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, 28 years after it has successfully hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

In an interview posted on ESPN (United States deserved 2022 World Cup, not Qatar) Franz insists that the track record of Unites States for hosting the FIFA World Cup should have put them in the 2022 event:

“[In] ’94 I was here to follow the World Cup and it was fantastic — one of the best ever. And of course they deserved to host the World Cup in 2022,”

He goes ahead and downplays Qatar winning the hosting event as a matter of market opportunity in Arabia.

“But they [FIFA] prefer a different market and the decision was made by the FIFA [Executive Committee] because of a new market. They’d like to conquer a new market — Arabia.”

And of course, he cleans up the statement on a safer side:

“I know it was a very very strange decision — I would not comment if it was a right or wrong decision, but this decision brought a lot of problems, a lot of questions.”

I would have preferred the FIFA World Cup made it’s way to the United States once again, but I also feel for people in Arabia, they have the economy and willingness to host an impressive event and for all the people in that region, FIFA World Cup and football in general deserves to be known and loved across regions they are little known to, more than the United States deserving another FIFA World Cup event.


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