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Outside of the boot from @trentarnold66 ???

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  1. Eden hazard is arguably the most underrated football of all time. He became a club legend at the age of 20 and left Ligue 1 as a league legend, something neymar is doing in his prime(no disrespect love neymar) Then he came, became the face of the prem, best player of the decade, best pl winger of all time won everything bar cl because of his extremely incompetent teammates. He’s literally finished in a leage/uefa toty 9/11 seasons he’s played in. Best dribbler in prem history and one of the most aesthetically pleasing footballers ever. His individual ability goes over the roof, no footballer has the control, ball sheilding, turn etc bar messi itw. Got injured in madrid yet won a double. He’s literally top 20 players of all time based on ability and I would go as far as saying top 5-10. Most complete pl player ever whos main job was creating yet constantly gets compared to inside forwards like salah smh.
    Incredible stats and the 3rd most individually decorated player of this generation

  2. Can we play him in the midfield once gini leaves and by by a fullback instead and play Curtis more?

  3. Don’t understand the hate he gets sometimes. He’s not having a great season but he’s won so much and has such a clean cross for a 22 year old. Can’t wait to see what he does in an England and Liverpool shirt as he matures and rounds out his game.

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