Match & Result: Uruguay vs Germany (10 Jul 2010)

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Match & Result: Uruguay vs Germany (10 Jul 2010)Winner: Germany
Score: Uruguay(2) vs Germany(3)
82′ Sami Khedira (Germany)
56′ Marcell Jansen (Germany)
51′ Diego Forlan (Uruguay)
28′ Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
19′ Thomas Mueller (Germany)


This was a great game to watch as five goals were scored. Both teams played hard, aggressive on attack, strong on defense. The game showed both teams moving on from their loss towards the finals and were fighting to win the third place.

Key Takeaway

Germany has won two successive third place awards in the last two FIFA World Cup and being the third young team in the competition shows this team prime for a win in 2014.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: Uruguay vs Germany (10 Jul 2010)


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