Match & Result: Netherlands vs Spain (11 Jul 2010)

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Match & Result: Netherlands vs Spain (11 Jul 2010)Winner: SPAIN
Score: Netherlands(0) vs Spain(1)


Spain jumped on the gun early on the first half as Xavi’s cross on the 6th minute clearly found its target but Netherlands goalkeeper was quick on a save. Two minutes later, Spain had a breakaway and shot another one towards the goal but Netherlands goalkeeper was there to save the day. Three minutes after Spain’s breakaway, Pedro had a chance to score but was deflected by Netherlands defenders. It could have been a score for Spain. On the 12th minute Spain had another chance but Xavi Alonso shot towards the net.

Netherlands started to rough it up as they got the first yellow card of the game via Van Persie on the 15th minute. Spain’s Puyol returned the favor on the 17th minute with a tackle on Robben. Netherlands had their first look at the goal via Sneijder who had an ambitious free-kick from afar towards the goal which was cleared by Spain’s Ike Casillas.

Both teams started to play rough football as players were starting to see more bookings, more tackles made, more free-kicks conceded. Both these teams are playing it tight.

On the 44th minute both teams increased the speed of the game as attacks and counterattacks were quickly seen as both teams were looking to score before half-time.

Netherlands had the last best chance to score as Arjen Robben unloads from the center box but Ike Casillas dives and makes a great save.

When the second half came we have seen Netherlands signs of urgency as they controlled possession alongside Spain. Instead of just defending cautiously, the dutchmen ran the field like crazy but Spain just kept their composure.

Arjen Robben had two breakaway chances by Ike Casillas was phenomenal running towards the box and blocking the goal.

Jesus Navas came in for Spain as well as Cesc Fabregas who despite being young did not commit mistakes and had flashes of brilliance on a shot on goal.

Iniesta and Sneijder went at each other as well as the rest of the players on the field but Howard Webb was letting these men play the game.

The game went into extra time and the first fifteen minutes ended still without a goal. Fernando Torres came in the second half who looked liked to be the saviour to score a goal similar to what he did as they won the European championship in 2008.

Just two minutes away for penalty game, Andres Iniesta had a breakaway as he punched in one goal for Spain. Everyone knows from that point onwards that they would win this tournament. Ike Casillas, Spanish goalkeeper, was already in tears.

Key Takeaway

This was a very tight game as both teams had chances to score in the first half but both kept their scorecards clean. This game were played aggressively but carefully.

A very long game as it went into extra time and two minutes before penalty kick, Andres Iniesta scores a goal for Spain. Congratulations to SPAIN.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: Netherlands vs Spain (11 Jul 2010)


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