Liveblogging: Netherlands vs Spain (11 Jul 2010)

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Liveblogging: Netherlands vs Spain (11 Jul 2010)Netherlands (0) vs Spain (1)


Below are the details of the game:

SPAIN WINS FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

118′ Spain waits for the whistle to officially win this game
118′ Fernando Torres (Spain) sprains his ankle
117′ Netherlands scrambling, Spain Ike Casillas already crying.
115′ Spain attacking up, they are one man up, Fernando Torres sets up play
114′ Hits the wall of Spain, but possession given to them, Netherlands gets possession back
114′ Netherlands for a free-kick, dangerous; Piqued booked
113′ Fernando Torres concedes a free kick
112′ Robben cautioned, kicks the ball to the net after being called offside, players need to stay focused
112′ Netherlands throws-in and sets up play, called offside
111′ Xavi dangerous shot on goal, Ramos could not catch it for a header
111′ Van Der Wiel yellow carded (Netherlands) tackles Iniesta
110′ Netherlands needs to stay focus as there’s only ten minutes left to survive with a man down.
109′ Xavi places the ball for the free-kick,this could be it, 21 meters to goal. The free kick fly on top of the goal. Wasted opportunity. Spain needs to bring the big guns as they are one guy up.
108′ A Red Card for Heitinga, just about time as there were so many yellow cards in the game. Howard had to give it
107′ Fernando Torres sets up play and almost loses it. Spain set ups play via Sergio Ramos.
106′ Netherlands gets possession and seems to control the game
105′ Fernando Torres comes in and replaces David Villa. Could Fernando be the saviour to score the goal similar to what he did in the European championships in 2008?

Half-time extra time – still no goal, flashes of brilliance from Cesc Fabregas was seen.

104′ Braafheid replaces Van Bronckhorst, I would have just kept him in. Too risky.
103′ Cesc Fabregas weaving his magic towards the goal. Flash of brilliance. He is no Diego Maradona.
103′ Arjen Robben setting up play, looking to score
102′ Iniesta, Fabregas, creating plays.
101′ Villa called for offside, Netherlands is not attacking, Sneijder controlling ball, Spain gets possession
100′ Villa on the attack, Jesus Navas shoots on goal which was on target and looked to have scored. A big smile from Stelenkenburg. I was up on my feet. Deflected by Van Bronckhorst, very good defense.
99′ Van der Vaart replaces De-Jong for Netherlands. Looking for fresh hope.
98′ Fabregas to Iniesta on a breakaway, but Giovanni Van Bronckhorst defends well
97′ Spain’s corner targets Puyol but could not score a goal.
96′ Spain setting up play via Xavi, Iniesta
96′ Mathijsen gets a header but could not get to score. A close call.
95′ Robben goes to the counter-attack but blocked by Spain.
94′ Spain is controlling possession similar to their control on the first half. Spain on a breakaway, Fabregas gets blocked by Stelekenburg.
93′ Xavi sets up play, Navas gets ball, but loses possession. Gives the possession back to Netherlands.
92′ Xavi on a free-kick, Netherlands clears the ball
92′ Fabregas, Xavi, Villa goes down, a scramble for the ball. Looked like a schoolyard football game
91′ Spain gets possession, chooses same goal in the first half, Netherlands and Spain contesting possession

Extra-time – 30 minutes added

Full-time – players resting, getting drinks and massages

90+3′ Ike Casillas kick the ball, referee signals extra 30 minutes of time
90+2′ Netherlands pushing on a goal, Sneijder shoots long long shot, I think that was 500 meters distance to goal.
90+2′ Spain gets possession, trying to get the goal as Xavi setting up play
90+1′ Netherlands has possession
90′ Three minutes added, if this goes into penalty, Spain’s Ike Casillas would dominate
89′ Spain attacking, looks like we are getting extra 30 minutes of time
89′ Almost a breakaway for Netherlands but ruled offside
88′ Beautiful attack by Spain, but Netherlands gets it back, Robben could not get in
88′ Spain enjoying 56 percent possession but Netherlands is still close
87′ Cesc Fabregas goes in, the 23 year old Spanish player cannot make a mistake.
86′ Sergio Ramos (Spain) penalised
85′ Spain setting up play mid-field
84′ Arjen Robben cautioned, careful man
83′ V. Bommel gets a foul (Netherlands)
82′ Robben on a breakaway, wide open. Ike Casillas met him on top. Phenomenal and frustrating for Netherlands.
81′ Iniesta goes down on a tackle by Robben. Way too many free-kicks here.
80′ Spain setting up play, Xavi Alonso passes to Iniesta, Iniesta could have shown brilliance. A wonderful chance, he is just not Diego Maradona
79′ Exchange of possession on both teams. Players heating up. Jesus Navas remains cool.
78′ Iniesta and Bommel going at each other. Iniesta very fortunate referee did not book him. He is heating up.
76′ Sergio Ramos gets a header, just way up. That was so close.
76′ Villa, Xavi passing by Spain superb, but Netherlands defense holds up.
75′ Sneijder summoned by referee, Spain attacks on a Navas play but Villa could not receive.
74′ Netherlands controlling possession. Spain mid-fielders very tough on defense.
73′ Five man orange wall in defensive mode. David Villa could not convert of the free kick, it was a 27 meter from goal distance.
73′ Heitinga is booked on Iniesta tackle, a free kick for Spain, dangerous
71′ Iniesta and Xavi of Spain pushing the attack, but Netherlands defending extremely well. A sea of orange stops Spain.
70′ Twenty minutes to go, both teams cannot make the slightest mistake or breakdown.
70′ Stekelenburg (Netherlands) makes a save on Xavi corner
69′ A breakaway by Spain via a pass from Navas, but Villa shoot way way up. Could have been a goal
68′ Van Persie could not chase the ball down.
67′ Xavi retains possesion
67′ Everyone gets nervous whenever Howard Webb reaches for a card. A red card would change the game drastically. Pressure
67′ Xavi showing dribbling brilliance (Spain)
66′ Spain has possession
66′ Robben (Netherlands) free-kick but Spain defends.
66′ Spain’s Capdevilla booked with a yellow card. Puyol almost got that yellow card. Too close
65′ Xavi Alonso was in front of the goal, but Netherlands defends and clears it
65′ Sergio Ramos pushing on plays
63′ Robben off target on the shoot on goal
62′ Sneijder gets a corner kick
61′ Robben pushes for an attack, defensive breakdown for Spain. Ike Casillas had a wonderful save. The man. That was a sure goal.
61′ Pique was asked to leave as the medic rules there was blood, but another medic says there isn’t
60′ Jesus Navas replaces Pedro for Spain. Why not Fernando Torres. If this young players makes a mistake, Spain would be pissed off
58′ Free-kick for David Villa, Netherlands committed 15 fouls. Tough game
57′ Dangerous free-kick from Robben, Netherlands could not convert
57′ Iniesta, Robben tackling and acting
57′ Heitinga (Netherlands) booked by referee. Fifth dutchmen to be booked for the game
56′ Netherlands attacking but Sergio Ramos was phenomenal on the defense and counter-attack
55′ Xavi 27 meters to goal on free-kick, wide
54′ Bronckhorst (Netherlands) booked
53′ Netherlands running together with Spain
52′ Spain Villa and Puyol making plays, Netherlands goalkeeper clears it
51′ Robben shoots on goal but Casillas saves the ball.
50′ Netherlands controlling possession. These guys are showing urgency.
49′ Wonderful playmaking by Iniesta, who passes to Alonse but could not get it as a slight nudge from Netherlands was not booked by the referee. This is a man’s game after all.
48′ Spain is attacking, Puyol just missed a header, good defense by Netherlands
46′ Spain was attacking but was stopped cold by Robben on what would have been a wonderful counterattack as he passes of to streaking Van Persie who cannot get to it. Disappoint world cup for Van Persie.

Second-half – is underway

Half-time – that was a heart stopping game as Spain had their chances on goal and Netherlands was quite in the waiting mode but whenever an opportunity presents itself, Netherlands are quick on the counterattack.

Spain has won their last three games on just one goal and they had their chances. One goal is all they need.

45+1′ Robben shoots on top of the goal, Casillas wonderful save to the left
45′ Arjen Robben (Netherlands) gets a free kick, Spain on Puyol defends quickly.
44′ Pedro (Spain) commits a foul
43′ Spain pushes forward, Netherlands counter-attacks, Spain gets back quickly. That was a fast pace action as both teams looking for a goal before half-time
43′ Alonso (Spain) on a long range kick on goal, was wide to the left
42′ Sneijder concedes a free kick but he pleads his case on the referee
41′ Bronckhorst commits a foul
40′ Capdevilla and Alonso setting up play for Spain
40′ Netherlands get possession but Spain quickly gets it back
40′ Xavi and Pique setting up play
39′ Spain get possession but called for offside
39′ Free kick on a 37 meter from goal distance, kick by Xavi Alonso
38′ Spain sets up play and control possession
37′ Pedro shoots wide
36′ A beautiful corner kick from Robben but receivers could not connect with the goal
34′ Dirk Kuyt and Ramos roughing it up
33′ Netherlands shot on goal which was wide but you can see the elevation of Casillas, very capable of stopping goals
32′ Kuyt of Netherlands commits a foul
31′ Spain on the counterattack but Iniesta could not pass accurately to Pedro
29′ Spain and Netherlands roughing it up
28′ Yellow card for Netherlands De-Jong
28′ De-Jong of Netherlands concedes a free-kick
27′ Spain now commits a foul via Pedro
26′ Sneijder (Netherlands) is booked with a foul
24′ Puyol (Spain) and Bommel (Netherlands) shows a good sign of sportsmanship tapping each other on the back after a collision.
24′ Wonderful save by Stekelenburg off Ramos kick on goal. Netherlands is getting the heat. Sooner or later one of the boat loads of shots on goal by Spain is going to find the net
24′ Netherlands control possession
23′ Sneijder’s free kick wonderful save by Casillas. That was the same play executed by Arjen Robben when Brazil’s Cesar made a mistake giving Netherlands that goal
21′ Pique clears from left back position
18′ Sneijder ambitious on going for goal from free kick
17′ Spain’s Puyol gets a yellow card on his tackle on Robben
15′ Van Persie gets the first yellow card on the game (Netherlands) as he tackles Capdevilla
14′ An insane fan puts a cup on the world cup trophy. He was reprimanded
13′ Puyol free-kick, Spain is setting up good plays, controlling possession
12′ Xavi Alonso receives the cross from Villa and he shots on the side net. Almost another goal for Spain
11′ Ramos of Spain has a clear shot on the goal but blocked by Netherlands defender. Close shot on the goal
10′ Spain throw-in to Xavi Hernadez, Xavi has completed 81 percent of his passes in this tournament
08′ Stekelenberg another good save on a Spain breakaway
08′ Busquets 25 yards on top of the box line was a clear shot for Netherlands but Casillas makes a routing save
06′ Stekelenberg makes a wonderful save for Netherlands on Xavi’s cross
00′ Match Kicks-off
-02′ Toss coin
-03′ Players and officials shaking hands
-04′ Spain national anthem
-05′ Netherlands national anthem
-07′ FIFA President Sepp Blatter and President of South Africa is meeting the players and officials
-08′ Howard Webb chief official is a former policeman and he recognize the big honour to officiate this historic game. He is the fourth Englishman to officiate the finals game.
-10′ Players are moving out. Referees are coming out
-16′ Cannavaro, winners of 2006 FIFA World Cup is walking carrying the world cup trophy to be returned
-20′ Trivia ads on Spain and Netherlands being shown
-21′ Spain is the first team to lose their first game and go on all the way to the finals game
-22′ Warm-up exercises by both teams

You can view the match report and results here — Match & Result: Netherlands vs Spain (11 Jul 2010)

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup 2014 – BrazilMilo.


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