S. Africa video on: Rap Guns South Africa

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Things continue to get better for South Africa:

Rap Guns South Africa Hip Hop Brazillian music in world cup – Rap das Armas subtitles in english You may know it as Parapapapapapapapapapa. Sky News TV The Bulls’ marketing machine is about as slick as you get. But as the rockets fired ticker-tape confetti high into the Soweto night sky, the next song they played to rock the little stadium was far more interesting – Rap das Armas by MC Cidinho and MC Doca. It’s about the most catchy song since Give me hope, Joanna. Orlando Stadium almost took off when it began booming. But the Bulls marketers probably didn’t realise the fantastic irony. The song is Brazilian gangsta rap, and is sung in Spanish. One website reckons it “illustrates the elite police who invade the favelas (shanty towns) on a daily basis to fight the drug dealers, with lyrics about fire weapons such as the AK-47 popular among said dealers, and their confrontations with the police and other drug dealer factions, but clearly being on the side of the bad guys”. www.capeargus.co.za South African team’s ’12th man.’ Vuvuzela music is viewed as a nuisance by some Western teams, but South Africa’s head coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has appealed to fans: “Make them louder, louder, louder!” The global roots of South Africa’s World Cup song Whatever else Golden Sounds thought they were doing 25 years ago when they stuffed pillows into their clothes and donned pith helmets to record “Zangaléwa”, it’s unlikely they thought they were making a World Cup song. But in one of the stranger ripples … From: tvflorianopolis Views: 45 0 ratings Time: 04:00 More in Music

Below is an update on South Africa:

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S. Africa video on: Rap Guns South Africa

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