Pre-game: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)Match Details
Spain-Switzerland, Group H, Durban, Wednesday 16 June, 14.00 (local time)

Why Switzerland would win?

Heart and inspiration. Switzerland doesn’t have the star studded talent like Spain and they have health problems as Alexander Frei and Valon Behrami could not play. They lost against Costa Rica, Norway and Uruguay. This team doesn’t play with the same pressure as that of Spain and they can be as gritty as Korea DPR was. This team should play solid team defense and wait for the right opportunity to score a goal.

Why Spain would win?

Anchored by superstars Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres, and Andres Iniesta (wait and see if his playing), these team are a very technical team on defense, can run the break, can swiftly counterattack and score goals on target. This team has the chops to win the FIFA World Cup finals this year.

Switzerland plays solid defense and has proved they can hold off their opponent from scoring for as long as 394 minutes. The last team to score against them booting them out of FIFA World Cup 2006 was Spain.

Key Takeaway

This is going to be a test game for Spain on their team defense, and strong attacking side. They are expected to go all the way to the finals game and this game is important on setting up that tempo.

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