Pre-game: Korea DPR vs Côte d’Ivoire (25 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Korea DPR vs Côte d'Ivoire (25 Jun 2010)Match Details
Korea DPR-Ivory Coast, Group G, Nelspruit, Friday 25 June, 16.00 (local time)

Why Ivory Coast would win?

Ivory Coast drew against Portugal and gave Brazil a good fight that could have ended in a draw as well.

Didier Drogba, one of the best players in the world is playing hurt but as a team they are gritty on defense and can get Drogba to score a goal against their opponent. On a lesser goalkeeper for Korea DPR, Ivory Coast should score more goals than they had in the previous games..

Why Korea DPR would win?

Humiliated by Portugal on a seven goal barrage, the most number in this FIFA World Cup history; Korea DPR should be mad dogs fighting for respect in this tournament. Carrying their country’s name should be more than enough to expect a good win from this squad.

Key Takeaway

This is a no bearing game (unless Ivory Coast scores ten goals or more) but both of these do not want to go out losing especially with their country’s flag on the line. Expect both these teams fighting for a win.

Liveblogging for this game is found here — Liveblogging: Korea DPR vs Côte d’Ivoire (25 Jun 2010)


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