Pre-game: France vs South Africa (22 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: France vs South Africa (22 Jun 2010)Match Details
France-South Africa, Group A, Mangaung / Bloemfontein, Tuesday 22 June, 16.00 (local time)

Why South Africa would win?

This is South Africa and you would be surprised how much power morale boost and the crowd can do to your spirits. South Africa is on a must win situation and needs a favor on the Uruguay and Mexico game if they are to reach the next round.

Why France would win?

France has a lot of superstar players in Gallas, Ribery to name a few and France is always expected to win the group stage. This team played in the final game against Italy in 2006 FIFA World Cup and they could have won the game if Zidane was not ejected out.

Key Takeaway

We have learned in this tournament not to underestimate lower ranked teams and South Africa would be powered by their hearts to win this one. They cannot think about the Mexico vs Uruguay game, as they can only control the outcome of their game against France.

Liveblogging for this game is found here — Liveblogging: France vs South Africa (22 Jun 2010)


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