Pre-game: Denmark vs Japan (24 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Denmark vs Japan (24 Jun 2010)Match Details
Denmark-Japan, Group E, Rustenburg, Thursday 24 June, 20.30 (local time)

Why Japan would win?

Japan has proven their defense can hold. They did not allow Cameroon to score and managed to sneak one on them. Against Netherlands, Japan only allowed one goal against a team that can score two to three goals in a game. Japan plays tough and solid defense and waits for the right counterattack.

Why Denmark would win?

Denmark has made it to the next round in the last three FIFA World Cup appearances and this team would want to win while a draw could get them to the next round because of their superior goal difference.

Denmark needs to check their defense if they want to win, they have no problems scoring but they have also given up goals to opponents more than they should.

Key Takeaway

This is a pressure packed match as Japan is playing to win because a draw would not be enough for them. Denmark is not taking any chances and would want to score and win this game instead of tying the score and risk Japan sneaking in a goal.

Liveblogging for this game is found here — Liveblogging: Denmark vs Japan (24 Jun 2010)


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