Pre-game: Brazil vs Côte d’Ivoire (20 Jun 2010)

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Pre-game: Brazil vs Côte d'Ivoire (20 Jun 2010)Match Details
Brazil-Ivory Coast, Group G, Johannesburg – JSC, Sunday 20 June, 20.30 (local time)

Why Ivory Coast would win?

Ivory Coast held their own against Portugal that ended up with a draw. Didier Drogba is leading the charge for Ivory Coast and his health is far better today than when they fought Portugal. This team is desperate for a win to give them 4 points in their group stage.

Why Brazil would win?

Brazil is Brazil and they have never lost against a team outside South America or Europe and no South African country has ever beaten them. Brazil is powered by Robinho, Kaka, Fabiano who are more than capable to give them three points even before kick-off.

Key Takeaway

This is an important game for Ivory Coast as a win should give them a fighting chance hoping that Portugal gets at the most a draw on their next game. Portugal has more chops of beating Brazil than Ivory Coast which makes Ivory Coast more determined to win this or they see the door quickly.

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