Match & Result: USA vs Ghana (26 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: USA vs Ghana (26 Jun 2010)Winner: Ghana
Score: USA(1) vs Ghana(2)
5′ Boateng (Ghana)
62′ Donovan (USA)
93′ Gyan (Ghana)


USA just run out of gas on their run in FIFA World Cup 2010 bowing out to the last South African team standing.

Ghana quickly scored on the 5th minute on a defense breakdown by USA on the midfield. It took USA another 57 minutes before they were able to tie the game via Donovan.

The game looked to finish with 1 goals a piece when Gyan, the best South African player left in the final scored on the 93rd minute to put USA away.

Key Takeaway

USA has gotten stronger throughout each FIFA World Cup but today they learned they still have a lot to learn as you go deeper in the tournament. A defensive breakdown anywhere during the 90 minute game is going to cost you.

Ghana still kept the hopes of South Africa alive and with the nation backing them up, this team could go deeper into the finals.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: USA vs Ghana (21 Jun 2010)


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