Match & Result: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)This will be updated after the game.

Winner: Switzerland
Score: Spain(0) vs Switzerland(1)
51′ Gelson Fernandes


The inevitable happened and Switzerland made the biggest upset in the tournament thus far.

I cannot question Spain’s determination as they shot one goal after another in the game. By the time Switzerland scored a goal during the 51st minute of the game, that was only the second shot on goal for Switzerland. Spain at that time already had 14 shots on goal but just couldn’t get a goal.

Spain felt pressure when Switzerland scored and the coach deployed Fernando Torres back in the game despite having an injury. The star striker of Spain had a lot of shots on the goal but the closest he could get was hitting the bar.

Switzerland showed a patient defense similar to what Korea DPR has showed against Brazil as they let their high profile opponent control possession and the game while waiting for the chance to counterattack and score.

Key Takeaway

You cannot discount any team in the FIFA World Cup and even high profile teams should treat their opponents with respect and focus on getting that goal on the scoreboard. Spain is going to fight very hard on their next games as they don’t want getting booted out in the first round.

The liveblogging for the match is found here — Liveblogging: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010).

The video for the goal scored is found here — Goal Scored Gelson Fernandes: Spain (0) vs Switzerland (1)

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